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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Plein Air again

This is a Spring time  Plein-air , size 9 x 12  , I recently did trying to get going again on My plein-air work .  Its something I love to do and it requires commitment . Now, this one isn't so bad, the valley floor was still colorless sorta, and the elevation is high and things hadn't begun growing yet - - -but warm enough most the snow was gone.  We did not have much snow this year, and it is getting hot now even.    This next group of rocks are on a sage brush hillside at a lower elevation, and different terrain altogether.  I hope that difference shows.

This grouping of rocks is above the fields  at the ranch in Dutch Valley and were in direct sunlight.  I hope the painting doesn't seem odd without the sky showing---we are looking down a hillside!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter and spring is here

This isn't right!!  Geese don't lay eggs this high up, in a nest in a tree!!!  When the eggs hatch, the little goselings don't have feathers for a long time, yet they walk around and even swimm!!  This dumb goose is really high in this tree, I used a lot of zoom to take this picture.  I was out with my cow, taking pictures and heard a  noise., I looked up and saw one goose fly away, the other still sitting on the nest.  We had been seeing this, but couldn't believe it was a for sure thing-- - - but it looks as if it is!!  So the little geese are going fall from this tree, and it will be upsetting!   I will be watching this daily!!  I really do find this upsetting!