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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hike with my sister, and her grandaughter (and 6 dogs!)

This Saturday was sorta fun!  My sister and I planned a hike, a short one, on the same trail that My artist Friend from Reno and I had gone horseback on earlier this summer!  I wanted to share with my sister, who wanted to bring her grandaughter and we had a great time!  We carried backpacks, and took our dogs, plus my son's dog, and all together we had too many dogs!  They are well behaved, and we went early so didn't really run into to many other people.  We were home by 1 pm, so , even tho it was quite a walk, it was a Saturday when many others tend to sleep in, and do things late in the day.  It was windy, and just got windier!  In the A. M. tho, not as bad--the closer we got to the afternoon it got so windy, up to 45 mile an hour wind gusts.  Here are a few shots!
This is my sister, her dog in front, Kate, and her grandaughter with her dog at her side.  My sister carried a very full back-pack!  Too full.  And this is her crossing a log over a deep stream.   There was a lot of water in this area, and the lakes here are great.  I lost batterey in my camera after about 8 shots, so I can't show you the lakes!  Sorry!  I will go back and try again!   We got to a nice lake, where my artist friend from Reno and I went, and had our lunch.  The wind was getting wild and blowing across the little lake making ripples.  But there are lily's on the water with yellow flowers, and huge granite rocks around the lake. My friend, Carolyn, took this picture of me when we were there:It was a much quieter day as far as wind went!  And so beautiful.    After lunch, my sister and her grandaughter went for a short hike on the rocks, and I settled in to do a pastel.  I wasn't to sure of the outcome, so I did a sketch in my skecthbook, then choose a mid-grey canson, taped to my board and used my lap.  I sure did miss my easal, but we had a hard time carrying what we did manage to carry!  We are used to going horseback, truly, hiking is different for me.  But fun, I will do it again!  Anyhow, I drew in my comp. with that purple #244 nupastel and located the darks and shadows, then washed with alcolhol.  When dry, I used the local colors I was seeing over that.  I did n't get much for the water of the lake as the wind was blowing and making ripples and no reflections.  Every day is different, and I will be back to try another one.  Here is my effort of this day:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Plein-air again- with a friend!

A friend from Dayton , Nevada came out this past Wednesday to plein-air in Pastel with me. That is always so much fun.  She worked at painting the whole day, I could only go for the morning.  We drove out to Hope Valley to try and do the river.  A full on river scene is something I haven't felt confident enough to try.  There are plenty of opportunities around here so I knew that one day I would.  This was so difficult , and I hope to do many more after having worked thru this one.  Of course, the sun kept climbing and as it did, there would be more of the sky color reflected on the water. And the breezes would blow, making little ripples and changing things! Boy, what an experience tho and I can't wait for another try at it!
I have been painting upstairs in the old ranch house that is the main part of this ranch and where my fella grew up, and his father before him, and grandfather before that, both being born right here in it.  It is taking me a lot of time, prepping and painting and all, but so worth it.   Tomorrow is a day off for me tho, and I will hike and plein-air.  See you after that with what ever I am able to paint!
I also want to say, my friend from Dayton brought with her some wonderful pastel paper--Clairfontaine Pastelmat, and gave me a peice to use.  I had white, and I did a Nupastel value sketch of the scene I wanted to try, and washed it with alcohol--then did the colors I was seeing over that.  I cropped the sky out as the river was enough for me! and a fisherman walked down , which I make to look like a lady I think! Oh well. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New plein-air on a cloudy morning.

I went out yesterday morning early with an oil painter friend .  He loves to paint en plein-air and does a wonderful job---I am lucky to be able to go along.  He wanted to go to a high mt. lake off the Monitor pass hee in our area, so off we went.  Both of us were disappointed today,, tho, as it was a cloudy morning and no bright sun light to cast any wonderful shadows.   Big clouds all thru the sky and us right under them.  We walked around the area, its a nice place---lots of possible paintings.   Have to admit tho, the flat light causes close values, and a lack of interest ---we choose to give it a try anyhow.   I feel it was worth the experience, although I had planned for a sunny day as they mostly are this time of year!!  I had a 9 x 12 sheet of canson on my board in a med. Pink color.  I like that sometimes.   I drew my planned comp-onto the paper with Nupastel #244 which is a purple, and washed it with alcohol.   When dry, I finnshied the painting with the colors of the day I was seeing.   Not to excited about the comp----but the method worked well.  I am glad I went  and can't wait for the next adventure!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Aspens in Hope Valley

It has been a while since I have put a plein-air on my blog, but I have been going out non the less.   Just have not been to successful lately!   So, I did force myself to use my sketchbook and do the nolans in it, and thumbnails instead.  I have always believed if i do this, and get better at this, my paintings will also get better.  It helps distill the scene for you, and you get what you want onto your painting. soon, it only takes a few minutes to do this step, but for now, it does take me awhile.  Yet, it does force me to look, and to see, and to think of my composition more.  Many almost pieces were done, but paper not wasted as I washed them off , and will use the paper again!  That is one pleasure of using good artists quality tools.         Yesterday was a beautiful    Sunday, wonderful in the early morning, and with 5 dogs , and my sister to help with the dogs, and haul my stuff we once again went up to Hope Valley.  Its about 20 minutes from where we live, and the early mornings are so wonderful----no people, and we have it all to ourselves!     There is the remains of the old hi-way, 89, running thru the valley, going up to Luther Pass and on to Lake Tahoe, so we walk down it.  Its great, so quiet, and its right on the valley floor, a very small hwy.  You can imagine the old cars on it from the 20's, 30's and 4Os's.     Found a great spot with a small bunch of summer Aspens in the sunlight,  grasses and bushes everywhere----This is just one possible scene that beckons you to paint it!!  Evenings are just as wonderful here, with very rich color.   Wild flowers abound, wish I could paint them!     The far mountain was in direct sunlight,  I hope it reads well.   I can not wait to go back and do more!!  My car isn't running well now, so I have to figure something else out!!!