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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Sage--mid-morning

Yesterday in the mid morning, out painting to learn to deal with sage brush. I had a great time, and now feel a bit better about it and will do more. There is so much to learn using these oils. I did use a small palette of primaries on a burnt sienna toned ground. I do want to get more color into the brush, but this is a good start. So interesting learning these new things, I. E. color mixing - -catching the light--recession,---and even local color--as well as foregrounds!!!  Thanks goodness it's fun!  Hope you are all painting!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Painting at the ranch - -with a group from Tahoe

I  am sorry to say I forgot my camera this fun day, so didn't get pictures of all the busy painters that came out for the morning to paint as a group with David Russo, who teaches many art disciplines at Tahoe. Lots of watercolorists came, and a very interesting painter who used dyes and silk!!  Her work was beautiful when she was done, even putting in one of our old retired bulls! I think all enjoyed the morning, my painting friend from Silver Springs, Nv. came out and did a great pastel. Again, no camera, so I could show her work.  It was of lilacs and milk cans! I did this old car, that was in the brush, which was my main focus--Brush!  Unfortunately, I mainly looked at the car and the brush just is still a problem. I am trying  oils, and mixing from a split-primary palette  and get using to mixing this way.  No black at all on my palette, but its so easy to mix a dark.  I will continue to work out my sagebrush problems!  There is plenty around to paint from! Happy painting all.