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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Have wonderful Holidays everyone!

I am sorry to say I have broken my camera again!  So, until it returns to me fixed, I won't be able to post any pictures.  One nice thing that arrived today by mail was my copy of the new Plein-air magazine.  Its really worth the subscription and I hope you also seen it.

So, until I am again camera ready---I bid you adieu.
And Hope all of you have wonderful Holidays, keep painting and see you in 2012!!!!   It shouldn't be long, its at Nikion now

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weather is getting challenging a bit, so.....

Our long and beautiful fall weather has been  just wonderful this year, but alas all good things do end.   Now the wind is blowing a gale, trees are bending and the feeling of true fall is everywhere as leaves blow wildly around to get caught in fences and water troughs.     I have been thinking of the holidays, and tried to learn a new quilting technique that was fun, fast, and ended up well even  for me!!   This  one is a table runnner, but I can go on and make full sized quilts using this idea, also pillow covers, placemats, and other decorations  all fast and easy.  I am giving this To my fellas sister this year and hope she likes it.  The flower is a poinsettia, here it is closer.

In the past, I have enjoyed making quilts, but really didn't do them well.  Now I want to learn to do them much better - - - but would rather do my pastels!!!  So this will be  a challenge.   Here are a couple of older ones I did in the 80's.
This "Cat" one is a wall hanging that I never hung!!  
and this is another table runner for the holidays I also never used!  I must rectify this!      Anyhow, for this next spring I am planning a full sized quilt in violets and yellow and hope I actually make it.   There is thankfully so much to do!    Hope all of you are having a great fall, and into the holidays we go!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Last of the fall colors - - which were plenty this year!!!

Both mornings this weekend, I drove up to Hope Valley on hwy 88 in Ca. to see the changing leaves on the Aspen Trees.  This year it was a mild fall, with one early cold night and little storm -  - -then a long Indian Summer with the Fall leaves lasting with brilliant color thru it all.    People were everywhere, taking pictures I guess for their own projects - -  -maybe cards, maybe calendars - -who knows?  But they were out in droves with some the biggest cameras' I have ever seen.   I found a quiet spot at about *  A. M.  Where I spent the morning trying to compose a painting.  With so much brilliant color, and light I found I had a very hard time.   Just changing to mostly Yellows and golds proved difficult in showing 3 Planes for a landscape painting.   I need to be much more simple in my designs and think it thru first.  I did do some thumbnail sketches, and did spend at least an hour on a small painting,   It still needs work, and thought.   I then took pictures to play with during the cold winter months.  I will show you a few of these.   Maybe one day you will find yourself on Hwy 88, going thru Hope Valley in the fall!!

And the last one I will add is my effort for this A. M.---Its rather poor - - -but I do have time to try and improve on these fall trees.   It may be  a long winter, who knows?

This last one is my work - - -which needs some thought and improvement as far as compostion  goes.  It is still a lot of work to plan a simple comp - - sometimes you can find a natural comp, and thats wonderful if it says what you what it to  say.  If not, then you must be able to use the elements of design to get it painted in a way that feels right to you.  So, back to the drawing board!!   Still, it was  a lovely  way to spend sevearl hours!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Dayton Friend comes to paint in Carson Valley

This is Carole, painting away beside our hay stack which is a long row and you can see its shadow---it gave us some great shade, and protection from the wind last Sunday as we painted.    I was out to her area of Nevada  a few weeks ago, Dayton, so this time she came this way.   I really enjoyed seeing her part of the country and want  to go back again.  She was very interstested in painting the blooming rabbit brush while on this day I was more concerened with the distant mountains that are north of us, and toward Carson City.   They are plenty high, and have quite a bit of drama.  Maybe not as much as the Tetons, but plenty!   Glenna Hartman ( bless her), painted a very nice scene a few years ago, along this same range of mountains , just before Genoa, Nev.  that is just beautiful.  Todays try was on Canson, twilight in color, which is a great shade of purple that really is fun to use. Its 9 x 11, and the pastel does not fill the tooth, I could do more , but I think I will leave it simple.

It has the feeling of wide open spaces!  Those are getting few and far between , even in my world.  Have to enjoy them as we can.

Hope you are all out there painting!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Plein-air with a Friend in Dayton , Nev

This is a recent plein-air done along the river near Dayton, Nevada just a few days ago.  I and a good friend who also loves plein-air painting, Carole, went out one morning to see what we could capture.  It was a wonderful morning, warm, bright, and very interesting light.  We walked only a short distance and came to the bank of the West Carson River, with was flowing lazily along since it is now September.  We had a lot of good water this year, a first in many years and boy do we appreciate that!  All I saw was so interesting a beautiful, the shadows on the very big sandy dessert-y mountains were wonderful, and the huge cottonwood trees along the river were so big, cool, and had very interesting shapes.   I began my first painting just to get a feel of the place, and get my mind to settle and look!  That is so hard when you are in a new place, everything just yells at you for attention!   I finally in the late a. m., early afternoon, painted this one.   I was looking across the river to the opposite banks to these trees and the distant mt.  The colors were gentle but beautiful, with some shadow left.   I used a surface I made myself on watercolor paper.  And I did a sketch, then a value drawing right on my surface and used water soluble pencil, washed with water for the values.  Then watercolor, then pastel-----sounds like it was very laborious, but it was not and went rather fast.  I wanted to catch the color of the light of the day----   It was fun, and can't wait to go again.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Evening Plein - air work. . . catching those shadows and last light.

My recent plein-air, done last evening between 4:30 pm and 6 pm-----trying to catch those shadows as they come reaching down the mountainside every day, when the sun drops lower in the sky.   I was standing out in front of the ranch on Foothill road, with the cows, just watching and waiting.     The sun began to bounce off the roof of the neighbors old barn, and then off the farther trees to the north, and I had to look hard and fast as the light began to change fast before me.  It was fun, I have done this before but I think a little better this time.  I used 14 x 16  La Carte Sennilier pastel card, and washed in the shadows with Turps---When dry, I finished with pastel , trying to get the color of the light I was seeing.    I will try again on evening as it is a nice view, and fun to do.   
              I was told today of another artist website to check out, as he is a wonderful artist and his work  is just amazing.   so look for   and enjoy his amazing work.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

about 8 a.m. today, until 10ish o'clock

This is the last barn that is here on this ranch, built in about 1850's, and was a stagestop/livery stable for seaveral years until the 1860's came around and my fella's great-great grandfather bought the place.  Yes, he is a 4th generation ranch owner still trying to raise beef cattle, and put up hay to feed those cattle.     I did the painting from the west side of the barn as the sun was coming up in the east - - -the sun was very bright this am. and I was really watching how it touches the tops of the trees, even tho they were againist the sun they were very light at the tops.  I had to move fast as the light was really changing as the sun climbed higher and higher.    I did not think I would enjoy this subject, it must of been me thinking it would be to difficult----but I think it went OK.     Its 11 x 14, on Uart mounted to foamcor, which is a great surface to use.  I did a value drawing right on the paper, washed that with turpionid, and when dry I tried to captured all the color I was seeing.   I was surprized at how much fun I had, as I don't do buildings so much. glad I have done this one as it is so old and so personable to me.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Plein-air - - newest work on a beautiful bright morning

I have been out a few times recently but did not make a very good painting on any of those times,    I did a little better on this attempt but still feel a bit out of step with painting.  My thoughts just aren't there, or maybe they are a bit too much!!!    "Do what you have always done, and you will get what youv'e always got"  is a quote that I think of  often, but can't recall who was the first to say it.     With that thought in mind,  I decided to work on this one a bit differenly that I may have.     I used a piece of white  Colorfix paper cut to 8  x  12, and after doing my pencil drawing in my sketchbook to find a comp, and the l/d pattern,  I then drew onto my support with orange for the light areas, and red for the dark - -  -then washed it with a brush and water to create a value painting in red and orange.   Should of taken a photo at that time, but I walked around a bit while it dried and then went into the painting with the colors of the day, as I was seeing them.  As the sun went over me, of course, there was more blue in the water, and I knew it was time to stop.  I had worked on this for only 1 1/2 hours, but I was tired and ready to go home.   There were beautiful things to paint all around me however, and I should of stayed out there and continued.   I feel to guilty when I am gone to long, painting  although I really don't do much else!!!  At lest this year I haven't.   Anyhow, until next time.    Oh!   heres a very good web-site you might like.  I study this painters comp's because he has such good ones, and is a plein-air painter.    Enjoy!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Final summary of Bill Cone workshop. . . . . . .

Still thinking about this  very incredible week, and its hard not to want to share it all with you.  As we know, I do have a lot of words to share!    This picture is just another one I have of the buttes in evening time, taken from the boat loading area.    Tuesday began early with 7 o'clock breakfast, making our lunches ourselves, then a discussion of where to go.  Bill wanted to talk about " Atmosphere"  and getting those effects into your work.   We car-avaned down a few miles into the valley floor, (Sierra Valley) to better see these effects thru  distance.  Looking into the sun's light, and placing mountains in its path, we could see how they " Blue" with distance, become both cooler and lighter as they regress back from the viewer, into the picture plane.  Painting this with the correct value's and color was this morning's job.

We were in the small town of Sattley,  and set up right along side of the road.  Many of us painted about the same scene as it lay out before us, with just a little different angle depending on where you set up.   Bill painted, then went from easel to easal to see how we each had done, and he offered the right comments to each of us.   Mine went OK only  - and he helped  me "complete" my view so to speak.    I have to show you one of the others work for this exercise, - - -Diane Olivier, who is an artist from San Francisco really painted a "Fresh" piece.  Using a white Lenox paper, she captured this area very well.  The white paper did leave small specks of white showing thru which made this work sparkle.  Most of us used the Twilight Canson with bits of that showing thru which made it more muted, and in some cases, helped with the atmosphere we were capturing.  I thought Diane's' work to be very eye-catching and bold.

bridge over North fork of the Yuba river,
The group, after a steep hike down to the Yuba River.  It was roaring, but beautiful.  This was the only part of the whole trip that caused me concern, and that was because my gear was STILL  to difficult for me to pack.  It was steep, with dirt that made you slip and my poor 1/2 french easel was a bit large for me to handle with my back pack and all.   Some of the others had a difficult time as well, and painted from the bridge.  Some of the rest, including Bill, went a bit lower, and was right by the water.  I tried that and didn't do very well at all and left my easal up above on the trail.   This is what Bill accomplished in a very short time:

Beautiful, and a good lesson for me as I was very close to him.   He looks for that light, that touches everything and makes it "Wake up"  In this one, the sun's ray's were beginning to come up the canyon that the water falls down, lighting this little pool along the edge of the river.  He painted fast, but pretty accurately.   I tried a scene of the falling water, gave up and hiked back up the trail.   I felt out of my comfort zone, which is what this was about for me - - -I really need to look at, and paint more water.   While up on that upper trail, I came across this!

In  the red box, is the rattles.  It coiled, and was ready to strike.  I tried the zom on my new camera, and then got away from there!   For the rest of the afternoon, I and Patty Kellner, took a drive to one of the neighboring towns to look around, then went back to Lower Sardine and painted - - then back to camp.  The falls really wasn't all that easy of a place to paint from, but Bill sure did a great job!

This above painting is a sample of Bill's  small pieces that he does when he is studying a place - -maybe for the first time, or an idea, or theme--from life,  just a study and very good practise in looking at the subject and the light and how you might get it painted.   Each of these he has done were just spectacular, small interesting light filled pieces.  He takes out a 9 x 11 sheet of paper mostly, then if its to be a study, just uses a section of it - -and again for another study.   Good advise.

One afternoon was spent at another beautiful lake,  Salmon Lake.   The people who enjoyed swimming, did for awhile, and others just found a good place to paint from.  It was beautiful, and as the day passed, I sat on a rock next to another lady, then Bill joined us in the shade, and we all, including Dado painted this rock which was hit by light and sitting in the lake.   Surprising on how close all the painting were, until it came to depicting the top of the water which was also hit by light, but rippling in the breeze.  You naturally want to try and paint each rippling edge you see, one side in blue from the sky, and one side dark like the water - - - very confusing.   I knew others were stopped at this point as well as I - -and  I did remember to 'squint" my eyes as I looked at this - - -and darn, problem solved!!   As you squint your eyes, the light all blended together as a colorful gradient coming down the lake toward you and gave you the solution of how to paint that.    This is exactly what Bill did, and his gradient was beautiful - -as was DaDo's who also included in his a tree that was perfect  on the left-hand side of his work.   This was a great lesson, and learning curve.

 The last day came surprisingly fast, and I was not ready for that but all good things do end.  We placed all our paintings on the side of the dinning hall for a final critique  with Bill  how was always fair and helpful.    

Here he is, just looking at all the paintings - - -each of us had done at least 7 to 8 - - -I also did , but won't post those!   I have them along with my notes in a tracing paper pad to refer back to from time to time.      I also want  to post the works done by a young artist from Toronto, Ontario Canada who came all the way down here to paint with and see Bill's work and to see him work.   Dalibor Dejanovic  will be I am sure, a up coming new artist and will do very well in his career.  I was very glad to see his work and to meet him.

Look at these closely and enjoy them.   They are really nice pieces.   He will have  a great future - - -and he also works in animation, but in Canada.  Sounds like a great field to be in for sure.   Well, this concludes my artful week with Bill Cone.   I am so pleased that I got to go and enjoy and try to learn form this instructor who will also become a big name in Fine Art , in pastels when he choose to loose his day job and be an artist full time.    He did tell us he will be perhaps in a gallery in Colorado, Abend Gallery, and I think this a good move for him.   That gallery has other really good artists and names with it.   I do wish him well , and a great future as Fine Artist ahead!!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My overview of the Bill Cone Workshop in the Sierra's

I can not believe the week long workshop is over.  It was just wonderful, and we kept very busy from the first day clear up to the last day.  We camped at the Sierra  Nevada Field Campus which is very near Sierra City, Ca, and on the Yuba Mt. elevation is about 5600, and 6,700 at the pass.  Days were very nice, and the evenings cooled down pleasantly. There was a dinning room which had college girls doing the cooking for all, 14 in Bill's "Pastel and the Natural Light " group as well as a group studying spiders!!  Everyone seems quite educated and serious about their chosen interests.  Bill arrives with wine and cheese, and we all talked and got to know one another a bit before dinner, after dinner we all went to Lower Sardine Lake, which is about 20 min. from the Field campus.   A bunch of  the students, and Bill, got busy painting.  I was just soaking it all in, it was wonderful!!!

               Above is how the lake looks in real life, with the last of the sun's rays hitting is as it went down (the sun)      And here is Bill's first painting of the workshop.  To me it was like watching magic as he painted the light - - -and let that define the forms he was looking at.   I knew I was in for a lot to learn from this amazing artist!!    I really felt out of my comfort zone----then I thought,  "What comfort zone?"   I am still a bit new to this medium anyhow, so really, I just need to watch, listen, and learn!!  Then go and paint more.

This was a demo Bill did for us  at the camp that first morning, before we went any where--He was talking about the light and values to show that light.                                             

     After this first night, the next morning arrived with breakfast at 7 sharp!   How nice just to get up, and get ready to learn about painting the light en plein-air?  We got our things together after breakfast, and drove a short distance to a meadow which had a good view of the Sierra Buttes in daylight, being hit by the sun from the east.  We all  painted here in the a.m, with Bill coming to each easel and offering his help.  It was wonderful.
Here is Carolyn Thompson, who shared a tent with me the week we were there.  She worked hard and did quite a few nice paintings during the week

And here is a shot of the Buettes themselves in this light.. 
I think I will stop here, I have so much more to share and say.   It was a very busy week, with some wonderful people so I can't leave to much out!!  I still am thinking about each little faccet , and love day-dreaming about it - - -- but now must go fix supper!!   so more at my next post.

(Carolyn is over here)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Leaving for one week for the Bill Cone Workshop

Finally the time has come!!!  I have been waiting so long it seems!!  Tommarrow I leave for a week,  that will be so odd as I haven't gone anywhere myself for sooooo long!!!!    I am going to the Sierra Buettes area in California to be at a workshop called "Pastel and the Natural light" which is taught by artist Bill Cone.   Bill Cone works for Pixar ,, and has been teaching this workshop for a long time.  His own work is amazing and is so full of light!  I really do hope to absorbe, learn , all I possibley can.  More after the workshop week, stay tuned!!

              Here is an example of Bill Cone's amazing pastel work:

Its so beautiful!!!    I am so looking forward to this!!!!   Later Folks!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Plein-air morning from Last Sunday

The last time I got out to Plein-air was last Sunday, and I had a great time.  Made it back home in time to scrap more paint from the ceiling in the room I am painting.  I used a Mounted Uart paper, on a foamcor board that just makes my life so easy!   I wish compostion was as easy as just enjoying painting on this type of prepared board.  This is an old Pine tree trying to hang in here .   atop a very rocky hillside above the river.  I think I will return to this area and others like it as I enjoy the granite rocks,   and the brush and things that do try to grow.   Also, some great vista's can also be seen from the right places as well.    

Saturday, July 16, 2011

9 a.m. on a great morning - - -

This is today's work, from Faith Valley off of hwy. 88 in California.   Its really a beautiful spot that I don't go see very much.  I met some ladies , one of which has a beautiful home on Blue Lakes road in Hope Valley, and we went looking for a place to spend the morning.   I used a Sienna colored pastlemat , 9 x 12, and after doing a thumbnail sketch in my notebook, I drew this onto the pastlemat, and then used alcohol to wash the d/L patten down.  The alcohol acted very strange on this support and I doubt I would use it again - -  --still, I was able to Finnish the painting.   I believe I put too much into the picture, even tho I used a viewfinder.  I do plan to return and distill this a bit more.    One of the other ladies had a wonderful painting - - -it was at least 16 x 20!!  And on Wallis Belgium mist dry mounted onto foam core.  She didn't say, but she used a chosen palette and really pulled if off wonderfully with color harmony throughout - -  -giving me plenty to think about.   I not only try to put everything into the painting that I see, but also try to use every color out there!!  More painting en plein-air will help me thru this. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting to the Middle of July

I haven't been painting en Plein-air  as much as I wanted to this summer and time seems to be flying by!     After the week long Plein-air paint out in June I guess I felt I needed to switch gears and get busy doing something else which would also allow the experience to settle in my mind.   It was a great week with a lot of good art work created and I sure hope we have it to look forward to next year.  here is a linc for you to see the last day of the plein-air in Markleeville!  This shows some of the better artists on the last day, and also some of the Gallery and the reception.  It was great.

Today, I was up early and loaded up my companions, the 3 dogs I travel with and went to Hope Valley on my own.   I have been working on our big living room in the Dutch Valley house, scrapping paint, and re-painting  so I can hang artwork and perhaps use this room to work in and also show work, also sew, draw, and do some lite entertaining!  (right).........Anyhow, its a lovely room with a huge bay window that looks out at one of the pastures and a lot of cows, and no other houses roads or lights or anything!   Its also a north facing window!!   You could paint clouds on site all year from this window, and I plan to try.   Still, I needed a break , so went out to try a plein-air study.    July 24th, I will be leaving home to go to a Bill Cone workshop near the Sierra Buttes in Sierra County, Ca - - - - I felt I needed to get ready for that and also to use some of the Canson Paper he suggests we use for the workshop.   As you know I do use Canson and look froward to learning from Bill Cone!   My study for today:
This is on Canson " Twilight"   Which is a purple-grey   and I like it a lot.   I can't wait to learn what or how Bill Cone uses it to capture a feeling of light on the landscape.  It was fun today getting out there in the a.m. with my dogs to paint!  They love it , too. Trees are such a difficult element to get, and I do love them, but still have more to learn about that!   The other color of canson B.Cone suggests we try in "Tobacco"  This one is a warm brown-grey, med-dark - - -  -and I like it too.  I also really like the moonstone shade that Lorenzo Chavez uses  a lot.    I hope to get out again really soon!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The two NOT framed from the plein-air week.......

Today I was thinking about the two scenes I did not want to frame from the plein-air week.   I had them up , side by side , on my easal and each time I passed them I would see someting different - - -  -that was good, to change, to finnishe, or to darken or to lighten - - -  -calling the shots while on the location isn't always the best or the conclusion of your work.  These had been sitting for 3 days now, and today I went ahead and made those changes that seemed needed.   I still will not frame these, but they have been more than useful to my continueing education in plein-air painting.   I used a Sienna pastelmat for both, mounted on foamcor, in size 9 x 11.   Judging the values at first was hard againt the orangy-ness of the support. . . .  .but the idea was that it would also help tame the greens  THAT WERE EVERYWHERE! And green is my fav color!  
               This first one in all the sagebrush was the first day - - - The painter I painted with didn't want to paint all the big evergreens, and snowcapped mountains and such that were in our area to paint, go figure!!!  So we went and found Sagebrush!!  Really not to hard where we live.  I just went ahead and gave it a try.


                                             Thsi second one is more about the area we were in, that was everywhere in Hope valley . and right now its soooo green!!  A few weeks ago, it was all white!     This was also on the Sienna pastelmat, and I guess it helped the greens?  Its also a comp. that Lorenzo Chavez did from his workshop 2 years ago in the fall!!  I think its easier with the fall colors, and his painting was beauriful.   We were standing right near the West Carson River, which was rushing so full!!   This will not be framed, either.  But posting these helps me think the last thoughts about them, and put them to rest.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How my plein-air week went - -

With much excitement and trepidation, I went and painted this past week with the plein-air artists in the first Markleeville Gallery Plein-air paint-out.  There was a reception on the last day, Saturday June 25th - -and the gallery owner worked very  hard to make this all come together during the week. She really spoils the artists with coffee and sweets each day at the gallery, and she also prepared a full meal for all in her spacious home. She put her all into this event, for which I give her much credit.
                                     I had a great time , and fully intended to paint each day, my plans, however, were a bit waylaid by events that were to difficult to control.  Such is life,  but boy am I happy that my next big thing will be miles away from home , and no one can cause me any concern.  The week was beautiful weather -wise and I felt prepared.  Only 3 artists worked in pastel, and what wonderful work they did, too.   You really need to take a look at Bonita Paulis's blog , just google her name then choose the one with her blogspot  featured and treat yourself to wonderful sites she has painted in pastel.  Also the 2nd pastel lady is Thaleia Georgiades, from the Placerville area in Calif, and her work is also something to aspire to!!  Both there artists are also  represented by  The Lone Tree Gallery in Minden Nevada. Check it out, also!!

           So, feeling like the beginningist of beginners, I will show you 2 of the 5 I did get done this past week.  I also must say, the Oil painters did a marvelous job creating some very fine paintings.  Markleeville Gallery is on Hwy 89 from Tahoe, and runs to Hwy 4 which goes over the Sierra's and back into Calif.  Beautiful county and not far from the Gold Rush county on hwy 49. If you can, stop into the gallery there.
              This one I did the second day of the event, in the am.  I was trying to capture all the atmosphere in the morning sun and going thru those canyons.
I painted here this a.m. with an oil painter and we had a fine time. Not sure I got what I was after tho - - -This is 14  x  11 on a white  Richeson Premium pastel surface which was with tooth, and white.  So I used my watercolors for an underpainting which worked and helped me.  Not sure I like the surface, tho.

And this was the last one I tried.  We all were to paint in the Town of Markleeville on Saturday and be done by 1 pm - -the reception began at 2 pm.  I had agreat time painting and planning this one which is 9 x 11, and on Uart.  I drew it in, then used alcohol to melt down the pastle and gave myself a notan - type underpainting to start on and thus keeping my shadow patterns in place.  I am surprized I included that car, and as I began at 7 am, it was the only car at the time.  This is a restruante, Called the J Marklee Toll station Resturante. 
I felt very insecure this past week, and hope it gave me some experiance to move forward on.  I really was the artist with the least experiance any way you say it at this event, but it was great to even be here.   Have you seen recently in the Southwest Art Magazine, and artist by the name of Charles Meunch?? Well, he was here as he used to live in Markleeville and has painted here for a long time, in Oil.  He has recently won some very pretigious awards.  Its amazing how he can get so much light in a painting, and its looks so natural and very pleasing.  Another one for you to look up!!  I watched him paint on Satureday, a small one of a blue house framed by flowers and it was wonderful.
 This is the end of my report about my recent week of plein-air painting.  I was very pleased with my outf it which worked very well, and was very easy to use in all ways.  So I am on the right track there.  I will continue to work at this - - one day I will be whom I want to be!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Plein-air week with Markleeville Markleeville Gallery, new event - -

Today's post will be short, and I hope informative.  Beginning tomorrow, I and 14 other artists will converge on alpine County, Ca and begin a week of plein-air art.  Its so exciting, and the gallery owner, Evelyn Yonkers has been working very hard to put this on. With input from famed Artist, Charles Muench, I think she has a good plan and has done a good job- -  -and she plans to prepare a dinner herself, at her home one of the the evenings during the week. Very nice indeed.  Alpine County is very beautiful, and while not on the main Gold Rush route, hwy 49, for example, it still was a big part of that era.  Hwy 4 runs thru it, and then connects to Hwy 89 and 88, if you are going west, and north on 89 it seems.  While it has warmed up nicely, we will have mountains that are white with snow, and the rivers and stream are rushing very full right now, with white caps themselves.  The night time temps. have warmed at the lower elevations, but high, its still cool.  Hope Valley, I believe it at around 7ooo ft. or near there, and its cool in the am and evenings.  We should have quite a bit of material to try and present, with an Artist reception at the new near-the-gallery restaurant, Stone Fly from 2 pm to 4 pm---So much to think about for a first timer like myself.  Each of us will have a recent plein-air painting framed and hanging at the Gallery during this event to set the public know who the artists are.  I think there are three who work in pastel, including me.  The other two are ladies also, and do wonderful work.  I can't wait to see how they paint this area!  Check the linc I have here on my Best Linc's for more information on the artists.    So, until I have new plein-air work from this week this is all for awhile!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A nice plein-air outing with a friend!!

One morning a few days ago, I mangaed to stop at this location and do this small plein-air.  This  is a lava rock cliff about in the middle of the 3 ranches I live on - -- it was 10 am to about noon when I did this one, no shadows to speak of, and very diiicult to paint but I do feel I needed to try that.   I made the clouds smaller to help the cliff appear as large as it is.  This is 10 x 10 inches, a square format also helps to make things large.

These next  two were done by myself , above, and by my friend Carole from Dayton Nevada, whom came out to have a plein-air day.   We both painted at this pond, but from different sides of it, also at mid-morning until noonish.  she was at the darker side, while I was on the west side in more sun.  We had a great time!!  Here is hers:

Her's was a lot like a Monet, to me - - -very nice, lots of light, but also those dark shadows on the bank.   Her foreground was beautiful.  She used  pastelmat, in white, and I think an underpainting.    We next  stopped in the little town of Markleeville , picked up some subs and with our dogs went out of town to paint again and picnic.  We did a mountain range, but  I think our pond paintings turned out better!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Where is Spring and summer?? worked inside for this - - - -

This is the result of a drawing I had done a while ago, of 4 calves in our corrall during a branding session.  They watched, and tried not to get separated, but eventually all calves were branded and given their shots.   This is large,  on a full sheet of blue canson.  I could almost envision this one before I even began - - -still, I found I had some trouble with the values, this  may have been because of the blue ground.   I chose it because it compliments the red-oranges in the calves, yet helping also the one black calf with his sunlight and shadows.     I placed them high on the horizon, sorta on their own in a big world.     I feel I learned quite a bit from this painting, and have so much more to try! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Plein-air morning, also another watercolor!

With the Markleeville Plein-air event up coming in June, I felt I really need to be out there getting in shape for it!!  It has been so cold this spring, and at higher elevations, in the am, that is something you need to be aware of. Some springs start so much warmer than these last 3  or so have, but we are now getting some some spring color, birds and flowers, and less snow around.  I drove up the airport road in Alpine county, just looking, when I came to this pond.  Easy to get to, and larger than it usually is, with room to park and for the dogs to walk and run.  In about 1 1/2 hours I had done this.   7  x  12 on Uart mounted to foamcor- - -a very nice surface to work on out doors.  I had a blast, when I finished I had a feeling of leaving a different world and returning to mine!! Dogs had just found a spot, and laid down for a rest.  I want to go here again, as it is a large pond with more compositions to explore.

I also want to show you my "grapes" , this was from the watercolor workshop, but I was late that first morning so didn't really get the up leading information or see the Demo for this one.  I was helping to load calves for the sale!!  Good thing the workshop was only 5 minutes form home!!    This is large, and as I understood later, was a good class- type project as it helped to learn to use the wash technique, and also the staining colors that Jeannie Vodden uses and was trying to teach us! 
she did give each person an image to trace onto their watercolor paper.  I did stretch my paper, as I love that, but many did not- - some did.
This was my first wash over the grapes.  I did this all at home about a week and half after the workshop.  I really feel I did OK because I got to watch others work on theirs, ask questions, and watch other demo's done by Jeannie.  She was great about answering questions!  I let this dry, and about 3 days later, went over it with another wash.

I really enjoyed doing this,  I tried to separate the grapes a bit by value, making some darker but only with about 20 percent of the value of color, and tried to keep some the same color, only darker value, also mingling colors in each little wash.  I grouped washed the grapes in the upper right-hand corner. I did some negative painting on the leaves. I wanted a pale background, so left it alone.  I then didn't  touch it again for several days.
Today I did the last of the grapes, just wanting to increase the value's in some area's.  I had let it sit quite awhile, just living with it, and trying to understand the method. Each time you glaze over a color, its so beautiful! I can see why the staining colors are used, they look just like stained glass!  Also, they do not lift with the next watery wash like a non-staining color may.   I really did enjoy this project, and feel l learned some very useful things!!   I can not wait until Sept., I do plan to attend Jeannie's Open Studio in Jackson.  Information on this on her web site.  See you there!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another "workshop" watercolor done

It seems we have gone back to winter like weather for a few days!  As we were driving home from the Breast Cancer Ride we drove head-on into very strong winds. The  next few days were very unsettled so I got myself busy with finishing another of the drawings I had done for the watercolor workshop.  I had it stretched on a board and ready to go- -  -but had not done anything with it while at the workshop, so after letting it all settle in my mind I had a go with it.  I found I had retained a lot of what I had seen from the Demo's Jeannie Vodden had done for us, and even tho I don't "get it all" yet I felt comfortable enough to make decisions as I went----I think I have learned something after all. More painting needs to be done, of course, as this is not as good as it could be.  Interesting was the use of the very strong staining colors , in a triad, and put on together mingling on paper and not your palette.  I need much more practise at that!!  I had fun, and now have 2 down!!  I will be practising this weekly!

              Also, I want to post a plein-air I did a few weeks ago .  My Oil painter friend, Ray Freeman, who also loves plein-air ,  and I ,went into Markleeville one morning to practise for an up coming Plein-air event we both will be in this June.   Its put on by the Markleeville Art Gallery, whose Linc is in my list so please go there to read the rules and plans for the competition!   I do hope to get better before June 21 with buildings!! Measuring for accuracy while in Plein-air takes some practise!   This is the old hotel, now bar and restaurant.  This building is supposed to have been moved to this location from Silver City, which was a Silver mining town on Silver Mt. on hwy 4.   More to come, as I get ready for this event which lasts a week.