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Monday, June 20, 2011

Plein-air week with Markleeville Markleeville Gallery, new event - -

Today's post will be short, and I hope informative.  Beginning tomorrow, I and 14 other artists will converge on alpine County, Ca and begin a week of plein-air art.  Its so exciting, and the gallery owner, Evelyn Yonkers has been working very hard to put this on. With input from famed Artist, Charles Muench, I think she has a good plan and has done a good job- -  -and she plans to prepare a dinner herself, at her home one of the the evenings during the week. Very nice indeed.  Alpine County is very beautiful, and while not on the main Gold Rush route, hwy 49, for example, it still was a big part of that era.  Hwy 4 runs thru it, and then connects to Hwy 89 and 88, if you are going west, and north on 89 it seems.  While it has warmed up nicely, we will have mountains that are white with snow, and the rivers and stream are rushing very full right now, with white caps themselves.  The night time temps. have warmed at the lower elevations, but high, its still cool.  Hope Valley, I believe it at around 7ooo ft. or near there, and its cool in the am and evenings.  We should have quite a bit of material to try and present, with an Artist reception at the new near-the-gallery restaurant, Stone Fly from 2 pm to 4 pm---So much to think about for a first timer like myself.  Each of us will have a recent plein-air painting framed and hanging at the Gallery during this event to set the public know who the artists are.  I think there are three who work in pastel, including me.  The other two are ladies also, and do wonderful work.  I can't wait to see how they paint this area!  Check the linc I have here on my Best Linc's for more information on the artists.    So, until I have new plein-air work from this week this is all for awhile!!


  1. I'm waiting with baited breath to hear about this latest adventure, and to see the good and not as good that you do. I bet you are bushed. I'm living this through you!!!

  2. Boy, Carole, I went into this excited, but now I can see so many ways to improve---It was fun, but I needed to be way more selfish!!