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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How my plein-air week went - -

With much excitement and trepidation, I went and painted this past week with the plein-air artists in the first Markleeville Gallery Plein-air paint-out.  There was a reception on the last day, Saturday June 25th - -and the gallery owner worked very  hard to make this all come together during the week. She really spoils the artists with coffee and sweets each day at the gallery, and she also prepared a full meal for all in her spacious home. She put her all into this event, for which I give her much credit.
                                     I had a great time , and fully intended to paint each day, my plans, however, were a bit waylaid by events that were to difficult to control.  Such is life,  but boy am I happy that my next big thing will be miles away from home , and no one can cause me any concern.  The week was beautiful weather -wise and I felt prepared.  Only 3 artists worked in pastel, and what wonderful work they did, too.   You really need to take a look at Bonita Paulis's blog , just google her name then choose the one with her blogspot  featured and treat yourself to wonderful sites she has painted in pastel.  Also the 2nd pastel lady is Thaleia Georgiades, from the Placerville area in Calif, and her work is also something to aspire to!!  Both there artists are also  represented by  The Lone Tree Gallery in Minden Nevada. Check it out, also!!

           So, feeling like the beginningist of beginners, I will show you 2 of the 5 I did get done this past week.  I also must say, the Oil painters did a marvelous job creating some very fine paintings.  Markleeville Gallery is on Hwy 89 from Tahoe, and runs to Hwy 4 which goes over the Sierra's and back into Calif.  Beautiful county and not far from the Gold Rush county on hwy 49. If you can, stop into the gallery there.
              This one I did the second day of the event, in the am.  I was trying to capture all the atmosphere in the morning sun and going thru those canyons.
I painted here this a.m. with an oil painter and we had a fine time. Not sure I got what I was after tho - - -This is 14  x  11 on a white  Richeson Premium pastel surface which was with tooth, and white.  So I used my watercolors for an underpainting which worked and helped me.  Not sure I like the surface, tho.

And this was the last one I tried.  We all were to paint in the Town of Markleeville on Saturday and be done by 1 pm - -the reception began at 2 pm.  I had agreat time painting and planning this one which is 9 x 11, and on Uart.  I drew it in, then used alcohol to melt down the pastle and gave myself a notan - type underpainting to start on and thus keeping my shadow patterns in place.  I am surprized I included that car, and as I began at 7 am, it was the only car at the time.  This is a restruante, Called the J Marklee Toll station Resturante. 
I felt very insecure this past week, and hope it gave me some experiance to move forward on.  I really was the artist with the least experiance any way you say it at this event, but it was great to even be here.   Have you seen recently in the Southwest Art Magazine, and artist by the name of Charles Meunch?? Well, he was here as he used to live in Markleeville and has painted here for a long time, in Oil.  He has recently won some very pretigious awards.  Its amazing how he can get so much light in a painting, and its looks so natural and very pleasing.  Another one for you to look up!!  I watched him paint on Satureday, a small one of a blue house framed by flowers and it was wonderful.
 This is the end of my report about my recent week of plein-air painting.  I was very pleased with my outf it which worked very well, and was very easy to use in all ways.  So I am on the right track there.  I will continue to work at this - - one day I will be whom I want to be!!!

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