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Sunday, June 12, 2011

A nice plein-air outing with a friend!!

One morning a few days ago, I mangaed to stop at this location and do this small plein-air.  This  is a lava rock cliff about in the middle of the 3 ranches I live on - -- it was 10 am to about noon when I did this one, no shadows to speak of, and very diiicult to paint but I do feel I needed to try that.   I made the clouds smaller to help the cliff appear as large as it is.  This is 10 x 10 inches, a square format also helps to make things large.

These next  two were done by myself , above, and by my friend Carole from Dayton Nevada, whom came out to have a plein-air day.   We both painted at this pond, but from different sides of it, also at mid-morning until noonish.  she was at the darker side, while I was on the west side in more sun.  We had a great time!!  Here is hers:

Her's was a lot like a Monet, to me - - -very nice, lots of light, but also those dark shadows on the bank.   Her foreground was beautiful.  She used  pastelmat, in white, and I think an underpainting.    We next  stopped in the little town of Markleeville , picked up some subs and with our dogs went out of town to paint again and picnic.  We did a mountain range, but  I think our pond paintings turned out better!


  1. I sure like your plein airs! I've done those during mid day, with no shadows, and its tough to make it work- but you pulled it off really nice!

  2. Thanks Ron - - -some artist say its the best time for beginners to learn because there aren't many light changes---but I would rather usse the shadow patterns in early am, and late pm - - I do geel lazy this year.