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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I  did get some Plein-air's  painted this summer - - -- but posting was hard as I lost my P C..  Now I  have a new one and am trying to get caught up.  It really was a great summer, cooler than most, and very nice days.  I can't believe its Sept all ready!!  This is the first one I did for a practice  right at my drive-way one morning.       After that , it was in April that the plein-air painters from Tahoe came down for the morning in April.  There were 21 painters at the ranch on Foothill road!!    I quickly joined them, and did  rough one of the old barn.

This one is on  pastel card by senniliar and I used a turpinoid under wash.  Its small, and the shadows went fast!   It was a fun morning, all the people were so nice

I will just load the next ones that I did this summer and end there.  The next one was in June, on a stormy morning .  Lots of fun!  I do hope to get some this fall , when all the color begins!!  Happy Painting.