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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Leaving for one week for the Bill Cone Workshop

Finally the time has come!!!  I have been waiting so long it seems!!  Tommarrow I leave for a week,  that will be so odd as I haven't gone anywhere myself for sooooo long!!!!    I am going to the Sierra Buettes area in California to be at a workshop called "Pastel and the Natural light" which is taught by artist Bill Cone.   Bill Cone works for Pixar ,, and has been teaching this workshop for a long time.  His own work is amazing and is so full of light!  I really do hope to absorbe, learn , all I possibley can.  More after the workshop week, stay tuned!!

              Here is an example of Bill Cone's amazing pastel work:

Its so beautiful!!!    I am so looking forward to this!!!!   Later Folks!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Plein-air morning from Last Sunday

The last time I got out to Plein-air was last Sunday, and I had a great time.  Made it back home in time to scrap more paint from the ceiling in the room I am painting.  I used a Mounted Uart paper, on a foamcor board that just makes my life so easy!   I wish compostion was as easy as just enjoying painting on this type of prepared board.  This is an old Pine tree trying to hang in here .   atop a very rocky hillside above the river.  I think I will return to this area and others like it as I enjoy the granite rocks,   and the brush and things that do try to grow.   Also, some great vista's can also be seen from the right places as well.    

Saturday, July 16, 2011

9 a.m. on a great morning - - -

This is today's work, from Faith Valley off of hwy. 88 in California.   Its really a beautiful spot that I don't go see very much.  I met some ladies , one of which has a beautiful home on Blue Lakes road in Hope Valley, and we went looking for a place to spend the morning.   I used a Sienna colored pastlemat , 9 x 12, and after doing a thumbnail sketch in my notebook, I drew this onto the pastlemat, and then used alcohol to wash the d/L patten down.  The alcohol acted very strange on this support and I doubt I would use it again - -  --still, I was able to Finnish the painting.   I believe I put too much into the picture, even tho I used a viewfinder.  I do plan to return and distill this a bit more.    One of the other ladies had a wonderful painting - - -it was at least 16 x 20!!  And on Wallis Belgium mist dry mounted onto foam core.  She didn't say, but she used a chosen palette and really pulled if off wonderfully with color harmony throughout - -  -giving me plenty to think about.   I not only try to put everything into the painting that I see, but also try to use every color out there!!  More painting en plein-air will help me thru this. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting to the Middle of July

I haven't been painting en Plein-air  as much as I wanted to this summer and time seems to be flying by!     After the week long Plein-air paint out in June I guess I felt I needed to switch gears and get busy doing something else which would also allow the experience to settle in my mind.   It was a great week with a lot of good art work created and I sure hope we have it to look forward to next year.  here is a linc for you to see the last day of the plein-air in Markleeville!  This shows some of the better artists on the last day, and also some of the Gallery and the reception.  It was great.

Today, I was up early and loaded up my companions, the 3 dogs I travel with and went to Hope Valley on my own.   I have been working on our big living room in the Dutch Valley house, scrapping paint, and re-painting  so I can hang artwork and perhaps use this room to work in and also show work, also sew, draw, and do some lite entertaining!  (right).........Anyhow, its a lovely room with a huge bay window that looks out at one of the pastures and a lot of cows, and no other houses roads or lights or anything!   Its also a north facing window!!   You could paint clouds on site all year from this window, and I plan to try.   Still, I needed a break , so went out to try a plein-air study.    July 24th, I will be leaving home to go to a Bill Cone workshop near the Sierra Buttes in Sierra County, Ca - - - - I felt I needed to get ready for that and also to use some of the Canson Paper he suggests we use for the workshop.   As you know I do use Canson and look froward to learning from Bill Cone!   My study for today:
This is on Canson " Twilight"   Which is a purple-grey   and I like it a lot.   I can't wait to learn what or how Bill Cone uses it to capture a feeling of light on the landscape.  It was fun today getting out there in the a.m. with my dogs to paint!  They love it , too. Trees are such a difficult element to get, and I do love them, but still have more to learn about that!   The other color of canson B.Cone suggests we try in "Tobacco"  This one is a warm brown-grey, med-dark - - -  -and I like it too.  I also really like the moonstone shade that Lorenzo Chavez uses  a lot.    I hope to get out again really soon!!!!