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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last Day for the Plein-air event in Markleeville, Ca--

Ron  Schlorff
Thaleia  Georgiades--pastels
Last day at the Plein-air event in the Alpine County of Calif, Markleeville. - - -What a beautiful Sunday it was , too.   The event had run thru the month of July after a week of painting each day the week before it opened at the Gallery.   This last Sunday had a few of us painting in town, which is interesting because of all the sites there.  Town was full of tourists, campers and bikes so I do hope the Gallery did well. I did the old School house for my last painting, and visited with passer's by as I painted.    And this one of the water tower attop the hills which holds water for the colony there I painted during the week of painting  before the gallery opening.  Tomorrow, I go and get my work and say good-bye to the Gallery as they are also closing their doors.  I am not sure if its the economy , but most likely,  but its not able to remain open.  This is very sad, the gallery owner really worked,  hard, was progressive, and did her best.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

This is a recent plein-air study I did along the West Carson River in the mid-morning.   It sure has been hot, and I wanted to be outdoors, where it was cool.  I helped load cattle for a trip to the sale.  After that, I grabbed my painting stuff and headed for Hope Valley where I spent a lovely two hours just looking at water.   As the sun moved  across above me, more and more rocks under the water became visible------time to stop!!  The green bushes on the far bank reflected such " greeness" onto the surface, and as the water is low this year, it was moving slow.    Still, a nice way to get out of the heat, and do some rock studies.       9 x 12 on Uart, turpinoid under painting-----Hope you all are painting!