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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Just a couple weeks ago

Just a couple weeks ago, My good pastel artist friend Carole Karsh  drove out to our place from Dayton. Nev.  Her and her puppy. Dude, walked with me and my painting partner, Ruby.  We went North of the ranch toward views of Mt's and Bluff's, Sky and clouds.  We carried our stuff in backpacks and were quite comfortable. It still hasn't stormed much here, and our scenes were quite Nevada Hi-dessert stuff.   We spent a couple of nice hours painting different scenes  that included this bluff. Depending on where you stood it seemed like a large world.   Hope to keep this up thru out the winter months.  Hope it snows.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I  did get some Plein-air's  painted this summer - - -- but posting was hard as I lost my P C..  Now I  have a new one and am trying to get caught up.  It really was a great summer, cooler than most, and very nice days.  I can't believe its Sept all ready!!  This is the first one I did for a practice  right at my drive-way one morning.       After that , it was in April that the plein-air painters from Tahoe came down for the morning in April.  There were 21 painters at the ranch on Foothill road!!    I quickly joined them, and did  rough one of the old barn.

This one is on  pastel card by senniliar and I used a turpinoid under wash.  Its small, and the shadows went fast!   It was a fun morning, all the people were so nice

I will just load the next ones that I did this summer and end there.  The next one was in June, on a stormy morning .  Lots of fun!  I do hope to get some this fall , when all the color begins!!  Happy Painting.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hello all.

> So Sorry I haven.t been posting anything - - -had to get a new computer and have not figured it out yet!! What a pain this is--have been painting and will get back to you all ---keep painting !