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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Markleeville Plein-air event over

This past week, the 19th to the 24th, 19 plein air artists painted in Alpine County for the Markleeville Gallery that is right on the main street, hwy 89.    The gallery owner, Evelyn Yonkers does an amazing job setting this up, and this year was better than ever. We all met at the gallery on Tuesday morn--then off to paint.  Wedesnday, she met all in Hope Valley with a wonderful lunch and a break.  It was great visiting with all the artists that morning and I hope you check the galleries web-site for more information on the other artists.  I found the whole event to be so chock full of learning, and also difficult.  The week was a very windy one, but with planning you could get to some nice spots.  The late afternoons were worst.  The high lite was the on site Demo, right in Markleeville on the sidewalk, an oil painter did of a local resident.  It was amazing to watch her paint, and talk about it at the same time..   Her works are above, and her name is Debbie Gaulco, from Orangevale Ca.      Please goolge her for more information, she is amazing and her landscapes are to die for.  

       The week went both quickly and slowly for some reason, but the reception was very nice.  Early on Saturday morning a friend from Dayton, Nv met me in town and we painted the library.   I also met that day an Artist I had met before, years ago from Nevada City, Jane Welles.  She has painted with PAPAs for many years and does both oils and pastels.  A very nice lady.   I have 4 paintings hanging in the gallery, and I must say I hope I do better next year!     I did get smart finally, tho, and  got some nice plein-air frames 9 x 12, and had my framer fix then with spacers and glass for pastels so I could just drop my paintings in and get them to the gallery.  That worked very well.   I did do one that was a 11 x 14, that I didn't take to the gallery as it needed to be framed larger , and so I still have it.    I tried to do the ranch where I live in the evening , with the sun about  gone behind the mt. to the west of us.  This little ranch is in a valley, surrounded by sage hills and larger mts.    Here is my attempt.          So so ends another Plein air week for the Gallery in Alpine County.    I do have many plans for next year!    Happy painting.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Markleeville Plein-air week-2012

Starting Tuesday of next week is the Markleeville Gallery's Plein-air week .  Its a full week of artists painting in and around the town of Markleeville , Ca and the county of Alpine in Calif.     Most of the artists involved are professional and do earn their living by artwork.    I am for the second year going to partisipate and am very excited.   I am so new at all of this, but some of my artwork has been enjoyed by folks, and I guess I can only improve by working hard at it!!!   I am very apprecative that I can join them, although I still don't feel ready!!!       So I will try  to post my daily paintings for that week,   thanks so much for checking in from time to time!!!!  And Happy Painting!