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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today's Plein-air .....Great fun!

Today was very special , and I am so glad the calm weather has prevailed this November!  We need storms, but I so appreciated today!  Ray Freeman, who is an Oil painter that lives in Nevada's Capitol City was out today for some plein-air work.  We loaded up and drove not to far from my home, out on a dirt road where we had peace and quiet!
This is where we ended up, and even tho Nevada can get very grey in the winter months, there was color all around as soon as the sun would hit something!  We talked "Composition", made plans and he helped me to begin. I did Oils today, and have not done this to many times.  I worked very near to Ray, so I could ask questions and watch a real artist at work.  It was great! He begins with shapes, and paints the dog before the fleas, which is a good thing to remember.  I always want detail to soon.  We used a split-complementary pallet.  I felt that the thickness of the paints themselves were hard to get used to, but they were so beautiful and sparkly on the canvas board.I will show you Rays' work as it really turned out well.  I feel I have a long way to go, but I did enjoy today and my painting isn't awful ( just what it should be for a beginner!)  After Ray left, I did a quick pastel of the spring on the hillside and was happy.This is where Ray finished today, and he says he has about 30 min. more work he will do when he gets home.  He will add some more darks where needed and sky hole in the red rose bush at left.   I really loved watching this all happen and feel I learn a lot today.   Can't wait for another good day such as this one was!

Monday, November 23, 2009

limited palette study--fall

The weather in our valley has been in the 40's for daytime, and sometimes windy.  Not to cold, but I felt cold so didn't paint to much---began thinking about using a square format and making it work without becoming to static---and getting it to show "Hugeness"  This little ranch is on 14 acres along hwy 88 in the Carson Valley and belongs to cousins--noone living there now or since the late 8o's.  Plein-air painters have been seen lurking about painting this scene and I even saw the result of one in the Southwest Art Mag. by Kathleen Dunphy. This scene is painted looking south, hers was painting looking north.  I will try this is plein-air , and problay will do it in all seasons.  This one was from photos, and on Senniler Pastel card.
I will be out plein-air tommarrow and think I will try Oils!  So 'till then, happy painting!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Changes made to Fall aspens

I had posted this on Wet Canvas, and read all the suggestions  about making it better. While I had some things pointed out to me it was my plein-air painter friend that made the best observation.  That would be  Ray Freeman, a person who always puts compostion first.  He told me two things I feel were important in improving this painting. First the lone sage in the lower left corner seemed to be isolated color wise----so I added more sage in front of the sunlit large rock and a bit in the middle ground.  He also thought the line of the tops of the middle ground aspens with fall color was to identical to the top line of the mountain in the far background.   I think this had bothered others as well, but we were not able to reconize what was the problem.  So I changed that by getting rid of that line of trees on the left side of the compostion.   I think I like this better and hope it puts a little more space into the scene.  This one is 11 x 14, and on a firm board, 8 ply archival mat board that was coated with 2 coats of gesso--then goldens fine pumice gel.   Made a great painting surface that was enjoyable to use and took watercolor very well.   I will put this away, work on others then take another look at this and see if these changes hold up.

I must say the days are getting so short!  And a lot cooler, we moved cows again today and shouldn't have to worry about them now for 2 weeks, then we move them to another pasture for the winter.  I hope to get out there and do some plein-air in between things!                   Hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving !

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In the meanwhile!

While I haven't been posting on my blog, I have been busy!  Recently got 2 new books about NotAN and am studing these so as to get the "Idea" ingrained", and then use it! Edgar Alywin Payne used it, Maynard Dixon understood it, and Jane Hoffsetter has a great compostion book using it widely!  And I am begining to get it.  Also, the fall cattle worktime is here.  We have fields along Hwy's, and also in the hills where the cattle have been all summer.  Time to wean and ship!   So, I thought I would post a few recent pictures of some right here at the Older part of the ranch along Hwy 88 in the Carson Valley.  My son on his blue horse, and my dog holding them at the top of the lane. 
And around the cornor to the corralls. 

Also here is the last pastel I have worked on-------I am going to change much about this in the next few days and will post the outcome!I have ideas about this, so more work to do.  See ya in a few days!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Alpine Artist Open Studio Tour

 Its been awhile since I have posted.  Fall is here and there is so much to do to get ready for winter!  We raise black angus cattle, so there is that, and cutting fire wood, and yes, the Markleeville  (Alpine County) Artists Open Studio Tour.  I became a part of this this year, and it was held Oct 3 and 4th.  Advertisment  was handled by the founders of the organization. They printed brocheres, post cards ,maps and had it all ready early so there was enough time to get it out.  I used the old garage on the Home ranch, as this is where I did most of my work,  I love using an easal, standing so I can walk back and forth to see my work.  Also, I spent a lot of time here with the senior member of the family as he lived his last years, Me with him , so he could remain in his own home.  He passed this spring at age 95.  He was very encouraging of my efforts, and even drew with me one day as we sat in the sun outside the garage door.  So This is where I exibited what I had done so far.  Some were watercolors, which I began doing in 01, then went to pastel as its something you can walk away from and back to, and its the same!  This is door, with a friend peeking out!
This is the first group that arrived on Saturday.  We had people all day.  They were interested, nice, and really asked questions about how each painting was done.  Fun for me!  I had cards made of the paintings, and I did sell a lot of cards.This is my sister helping the set up. We also had a huge pot of coffee, and cookies she , her granddaughter and I made. I did sell 4 paintings as well as the cards.  Good for a beginner!And Here is my sister, helping some folks as questions were always asked.  It was fun to do all this.And this is my most recent Pastel, on Black paper, mulit-media board,  Great fun, But I was worried about the black paper fading with time and light, so I mixed Mars Black arcylic paint with Golden fine pumice and rolled that on with a foam roller. It made it nice and black, with tooth. The reference photo was a black and white taken in '84 of a cat who would come to visit.  I Knick-named her "Leo"--and she was enjoying the last sun-light of the day. Black is very fun to work on, the colors just are brilliant. I used a lot of greys in this,(nuetrals)-- and no white at all.

Monday, October 12, 2009

We finished the workshop in Hope Valley

 The Week went fast, we had a great day in Faith Valley learning to do notans from nature, always working on design. It was a beautiful spot. Every one of the ladies did well. (yes, there were no men! Whats with that?)   The last day, the weather was warm and beautiful.  Aspens were beginning to go yellow, and the day was a nice one.  Lorenzo ended the day with this really nice demo.   It was like magic watching him make sence out of the brush in front of him.   A great week .

One day in the Yellow sage--Chimesa.

 It was a cold start to a wonderful week of art with a very giving teacher.  Lorenzo Chavez really tries to give you ALL the information he can, spends time at your easal, and tries hard to get across to you what he thinks is important about plein-air painting. You can ask him anything, he is very knowledgable.  When explaining shadows, he was able to actually show us with actual sunlite and shadow the color shadow is as it falls on the land. It was amazing. We had driven down to where I live, lower in elevation, as it was a bit warmer that day.  We spent the day much warmer trying to design paintings that began with large shapes, interesting lines leading you around the design, and contrast.

A little about the Chavez workshop in Hope Valley

 Lorenzo chavez gave an excellant workshop in Hope Valley Californa Oct 5 thru the 9th.  I was lucky enough to go. I believe the Sierra Pastel society was behind this, it was beautifully arranged.  The fall color hadn't quite made an appearance, and the weather did get a bit cold.  It snowed the weekend before. I live 20 min. from the workshop site area.  To start the workshop, Lorenzo had copies for everyone of a booklet he put together about the contruction of art, in plein-air. He gave a great lecture, with slides to point out what he ment--wonderful art by other artists as well---all about design. Maynard Dixon was refered to many times with his strong design in evidence. It was so cold outside that day, we did not mind the art talk and slide show. He explained the use of notans, and using the element of art for strong design.  In the late afternoon, we went outdoors to watch a demo.
This was the start of the demo, it finnished quite nicely, but I don't have that shot.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today in Hope Valley!

Worried a bit that I have been to lazy I drove up to Hope Valley to do a Plein-air. I had the 3 dogs with me and it was a beautiful Sunday Morning. The Fall color has arrived!!  That surprized me, and it was so warm looking and beautiful with photographers all around.  The dogs and I hiked out away from the paths and people, and set up looking across the valley to the west.  I took my time with this one, but feel it sure could be better! I used 300lb. waterdolor paper with Golden pastel ground on it, the drew with the purple 244 nupastel, then used achohol to wash it down. When dry I went right on with the dry pastels, trying to catch the light on the Mt. and the trees.  One and 1/2 hours, it was fun and now I have a lot of othere ideas to try!  My Lorenzo Chavez Workshop is coming , the 5th thru the 9th, right after my Open Studio with Alpine County----boy, I hope I am ready!
 This one was done earlier this year in the spring, of the valley floor.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

recent plein-air, scossa cow camp-hwy 4

This is my most recent plein-air, done in the am on Hwy 4 out of Markleeville. This is by Sliver Mt, which is so beautiful and huge, over 10,000 ft. This camp has been in the Scossa family over 100 years, and is where they turn out cattle each spring.  Cattle in the back country is a good thing, as they eat the grasses and bushes that fuel fires when its hot. They do no damage to the foliage as they have no top teeth, and cannot destroy grass roots. They use their tongues to grab and pull vegetation into their mouths and leave the roots safely in tack.  Horses, on the other hand, are a bit rougher! They must be moved often in order to keep the grasses growing, and not destroy a green area.  I love cattle in the mountains. They bell several in order to keep track of the heard, and the sound of the bells echoing in the crisp air is beautiful to me. I also love gathering the cattle in the fall,  cow camp is fun. Doing this as a plein-air was fun, but I think I tried to "Get" to much into the painting. Not enough editing! Oil Painter, Ray Freeman was with me, and the colors he mixed in Oil where just beautiful. His editing was better, and I learned a lot from  him.  Check out his web-site!

One more week, and my plein-air workshop begins in Hope valley.  Its with wonderful artist, Lorenzo Chavez.  Imagine!  I practised all summer, and worry I may have practised the wrong habits! But at least I can handle my full french easal better, and have my pastles a bit more organized.
       The very weekend before the workshop, Oct 3-4th, I am partisipating in The Alpine County Open Studio Tour!!  Can you believe that?  First time, and not sure why----They've had it for seven years now,   I guess it will be fun. I have had cards made of my better paintings, and some are as digital files to be made into giclays!  Aren't I getting smart?  I can't believe this.  It should be a fun experiance, right?  I will meet people, and talk about art (what I know at this point!) and the fun of plein-air.  Wish all my aquanitences from WC could come!!  I have meet 2 in person, and will meet another at the workshop!  Its all so cool.  So, next week, I will be cleaning my garage studio, and fixing a mount to hang my framed paintings, and baking cookies!  Friends and family will fill the whole area, and it should be fun. 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Its important to READ--and have down time.

  "Art is a collaboration between the heart and mind in an effort to expose a piece of the artist's soul" This was written by  artist--Dan McCaw, who is an oil painter, and a very good artist.     Words to ponder

What is Art?  This has been on my mind lately.  Folks, and well known artists, too, seem to paint photos almost exactly as the photo "is"   So what makes that art?  People advise,, "Paint what you know"  I believe this is good advise--and I find  it probably works.  Then the art is your own personal view of subjects that may have been painted  many times---but yours is yours.

To me, what makes it art is  IF IT MAKES A PERSONAL CONNECTION WITH THE VIEWER!   No matter what the subject matter, if the viewer feels something when they see the artwork--then it has made it as art.    Using the elements, and principals of art  we can make this happen.   So this is why I read and search for clues  from wonderful artists before me   and try to keep learning.

Good Reading:
         Edgar Alwin Payne's   wonderful book on art and composition.  Deru's Fine art in L.A.Ca.
John Carlson's Landscape painting.
Any thing on Hawthorne, Hensche, Caroline Jasper, Ben Konis,  Ramon Kelley, Doug Dawson, Greg Biolchini, and Greg Albert.  All wonderful artists.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Well, in about 2 days, I had gotten this far....

Well, this isn't working quite like I had hoped!! I will have to find out how to get my posts to be in a different order! First time blogger here, Sorry!! Here is my dog painting, I will finish the splash. I think I have it figured out, but don't have it here yet. Doing the dog was so much fun! His name is Patches, he is a border collie mix, and loves water. He was black and white, but mostly white which gave some wonderful shadows to capture. I think the watercolor underneath really helped me. Hope you like it!

As I continued......

After it dried, I began with the pastel. It was a bright sunny morning, and I wanted my painting to say that. At this point, I wasn't sure how to create the waves that show a fish had just jumped. Laid down color, but all needs adjusting, no pastel yet on the dog. I tried to number the pictures by steps taken, but am not getting them on my blog very well! Sorry!

Fun in Hope Valley

While Plein-air Painting with a friend in Hope Valley, I had the change to photograph a Dog that was having so much fun playing in the water he made me laugh! He actually was looking for fish! They would slap the water, or jump, and he would get so excited! I got some good pictures, and did a compelte drawing to the size I wanted to paint. Then I began with a watercolor underpainting on Uart Paper, which I love!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Planning is so important

Today I will post a pastel I finnished a week or so ago. Planning is so important! I did do a most complelte drawing, a notan of sorts----but did not figure out how I was to put the cattle in the background in such a way as to suggest haze and dust from a hot summer day----and so I muddleded thru that part and the finnish was not what I wanted. I feel I must face my failures and understand them so as not to repeat! Wet Canvas is such a great web-site to learn from, and we all love it, but there is no better lesson than trying to put what you learn into action. For me, back to the drawing board!

I would also like to show you a small plein-air---plen-air is just the most fun! We learn to see, and try to paint the light of the day. This is my first with water in a river, plein-air. Just looking at a small portion, I could do this each day of the week!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I would also like to begin with a Pastel compelted recently, getting ready for a huge step-forward I am trying to make by attenting a workshop in October. Its with famed pastelist, Lorenzo Chavez whose work is beautiful and inspires us all. So , Its still up coming, and I practise plein-air as much as possible in order to learn when I attend. Also, I can show you my area of the world! This is on a grey toned Canson MiTienes paper.

Amazing! Today I began a blog! Really a first for someone as old fashion as me. I want to blog about my Art Discoveries and challenges, and hopefully, triumphs. I am Ida M. Glazier, and althought not from any formal art background, have been around and intersted all my life. Its as if it was always waiting for me, for the right time. Hopefully-this is now. I have studied watercolor painting with a wonderful Japanese lady, an award winning artist who choose for some reason to live in our area of Nevada and give lessons close enough that I may attend---so In 2001 I began my journey. Thankfully I chose a wonderful teacher who brought so much to the table!!! Not just a "craft fun day", but a down to earth learn art the correct way. Boy, I had a lot to learn and loved every minute of it. Now, I am into pastels---and still learning" what makes it art?" Time went by, and in 2004 I got really lucky and won a local art show with this entry, in watercolor. It won "Best of show", and I was so surprized! It was an experiment in both technique and using a limited 3-color palette, no one was more surprized than I. Now, its 2009-----and so many more experiments to try! Plein-air has caught my attention---in Pastel. What fun! But what a lot to learn. With this blog, I will take you thru all my struggles and dream, and show you a little part of my world.