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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Planning is so important

Today I will post a pastel I finnished a week or so ago. Planning is so important! I did do a most complelte drawing, a notan of sorts----but did not figure out how I was to put the cattle in the background in such a way as to suggest haze and dust from a hot summer day----and so I muddleded thru that part and the finnish was not what I wanted. I feel I must face my failures and understand them so as not to repeat! Wet Canvas is such a great web-site to learn from, and we all love it, but there is no better lesson than trying to put what you learn into action. For me, back to the drawing board!

I would also like to show you a small plein-air---plen-air is just the most fun! We learn to see, and try to paint the light of the day. This is my first with water in a river, plein-air. Just looking at a small portion, I could do this each day of the week!

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