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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Amazing! Today I began a blog! Really a first for someone as old fashion as me. I want to blog about my Art Discoveries and challenges, and hopefully, triumphs. I am Ida M. Glazier, and althought not from any formal art background, have been around and intersted all my life. Its as if it was always waiting for me, for the right time. Hopefully-this is now. I have studied watercolor painting with a wonderful Japanese lady, an award winning artist who choose for some reason to live in our area of Nevada and give lessons close enough that I may attend---so In 2001 I began my journey. Thankfully I chose a wonderful teacher who brought so much to the table!!! Not just a "craft fun day", but a down to earth learn art the correct way. Boy, I had a lot to learn and loved every minute of it. Now, I am into pastels---and still learning" what makes it art?" Time went by, and in 2004 I got really lucky and won a local art show with this entry, in watercolor. It won "Best of show", and I was so surprized! It was an experiment in both technique and using a limited 3-color palette, no one was more surprized than I. Now, its 2009-----and so many more experiments to try! Plein-air has caught my attention---in Pastel. What fun! But what a lot to learn. With this blog, I will take you thru all my struggles and dream, and show you a little part of my world.

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