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Saturday, September 26, 2009

recent plein-air, scossa cow camp-hwy 4

This is my most recent plein-air, done in the am on Hwy 4 out of Markleeville. This is by Sliver Mt, which is so beautiful and huge, over 10,000 ft. This camp has been in the Scossa family over 100 years, and is where they turn out cattle each spring.  Cattle in the back country is a good thing, as they eat the grasses and bushes that fuel fires when its hot. They do no damage to the foliage as they have no top teeth, and cannot destroy grass roots. They use their tongues to grab and pull vegetation into their mouths and leave the roots safely in tack.  Horses, on the other hand, are a bit rougher! They must be moved often in order to keep the grasses growing, and not destroy a green area.  I love cattle in the mountains. They bell several in order to keep track of the heard, and the sound of the bells echoing in the crisp air is beautiful to me. I also love gathering the cattle in the fall,  cow camp is fun. Doing this as a plein-air was fun, but I think I tried to "Get" to much into the painting. Not enough editing! Oil Painter, Ray Freeman was with me, and the colors he mixed in Oil where just beautiful. His editing was better, and I learned a lot from  him.  Check out his web-site!

One more week, and my plein-air workshop begins in Hope valley.  Its with wonderful artist, Lorenzo Chavez.  Imagine!  I practised all summer, and worry I may have practised the wrong habits! But at least I can handle my full french easal better, and have my pastles a bit more organized.
       The very weekend before the workshop, Oct 3-4th, I am partisipating in The Alpine County Open Studio Tour!!  Can you believe that?  First time, and not sure why----They've had it for seven years now,   I guess it will be fun. I have had cards made of my better paintings, and some are as digital files to be made into giclays!  Aren't I getting smart?  I can't believe this.  It should be a fun experiance, right?  I will meet people, and talk about art (what I know at this point!) and the fun of plein-air.  Wish all my aquanitences from WC could come!!  I have meet 2 in person, and will meet another at the workshop!  Its all so cool.  So, next week, I will be cleaning my garage studio, and fixing a mount to hang my framed paintings, and baking cookies!  Friends and family will fill the whole area, and it should be fun. 

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