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Saturday, August 18, 2012

August has been rainy , but cooler!

This has been a rainy and hot month this year, although not much actual rain has made it to the ground in our area.  There have been some gully-washers to the east of us, and long the East Carson River, which in right behind these hills in my pastel.    I stood under some huge Cotton Wood trees in out back yard in Dutch Valley and painted these clouds one afternoon that looked like nothing but rain was going to happen.   Actually, there wasn't much rain on this day, but a few days later we got quite a little storm.  Sorry to say, still not enough.  Its been so dry and hot  this summer, with poor Washington State, as well as Colorado taking the hugest tolls.    I can't wait until fall, cooler temperatures  and some fall color.   And I  am sure praying for a huge winter this next year.

pastel on pastelmat, sienna tone.
8 x 8
actually a square, fun to experiment with 

Monday, August 13, 2012

around the barn,   plein-air
I became re-acquainted with artist Jane Welles at the Markleeville Plein-air paint week we had this year.  It was nice to see her again as she lives way up in Nevada City-Grass valley  Calif.  She has been plein-air painting for a long time and I met her the first time right in front of the ranch here on Foothill Road with a painting group PaPoA's which were having a show at Lake Tahoe about 6 years ago.   She brought two of her painting friends back this past week-end, stayed at the ranch, and they all painted around our area Saturday and Sunday.  The friends were very good painters as well~~~ Linda Roemish  and Susan Moreno.  All three painted this weekend in oils, but also use other mediums as well.   It was great talking with them about art, and painting experiences.  The weather was hot, but rained each afternoon, Sunday really pouring as they made there getaway back home.  
Susan Moreno, using oils
              The above small , square pastel on pastelmat is my second one for Sunday.  Composing a square is always interesting, and using the sienna pastelmat for plein-air was also interesting. Here are some shots of the other ladies working at their easels.

Linda Roemish, painting with oils
This was mid-morning, but the light on the fields and trees to the east of us was beautiful.  Blue chicory flowers were growing up thru the green of the hay fields, and the atmospheric perspective was amazing.  Each of us tried to catch the light the best we could.   I didn't take individual pictures of paintings, as I wasn't such of infringement---but there was some really nice paintings. Linda has work hanging in the Markleeville Gallery that is very very nice indeed, as does Jane Welles .

Jane Wells

Looking over Janes' shoulder

Susan Moreno