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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today's Plein-air .....Great fun!

Today was very special , and I am so glad the calm weather has prevailed this November!  We need storms, but I so appreciated today!  Ray Freeman, who is an Oil painter that lives in Nevada's Capitol City was out today for some plein-air work.  We loaded up and drove not to far from my home, out on a dirt road where we had peace and quiet!
This is where we ended up, and even tho Nevada can get very grey in the winter months, there was color all around as soon as the sun would hit something!  We talked "Composition", made plans and he helped me to begin. I did Oils today, and have not done this to many times.  I worked very near to Ray, so I could ask questions and watch a real artist at work.  It was great! He begins with shapes, and paints the dog before the fleas, which is a good thing to remember.  I always want detail to soon.  We used a split-complementary pallet.  I felt that the thickness of the paints themselves were hard to get used to, but they were so beautiful and sparkly on the canvas board.I will show you Rays' work as it really turned out well.  I feel I have a long way to go, but I did enjoy today and my painting isn't awful ( just what it should be for a beginner!)  After Ray left, I did a quick pastel of the spring on the hillside and was happy.This is where Ray finished today, and he says he has about 30 min. more work he will do when he gets home.  He will add some more darks where needed and sky hole in the red rose bush at left.   I really loved watching this all happen and feel I learn a lot today.   Can't wait for another good day such as this one was!

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