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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Changes made to Fall aspens

I had posted this on Wet Canvas, and read all the suggestions  about making it better. While I had some things pointed out to me it was my plein-air painter friend that made the best observation.  That would be  Ray Freeman, a person who always puts compostion first.  He told me two things I feel were important in improving this painting. First the lone sage in the lower left corner seemed to be isolated color wise----so I added more sage in front of the sunlit large rock and a bit in the middle ground.  He also thought the line of the tops of the middle ground aspens with fall color was to identical to the top line of the mountain in the far background.   I think this had bothered others as well, but we were not able to reconize what was the problem.  So I changed that by getting rid of that line of trees on the left side of the compostion.   I think I like this better and hope it puts a little more space into the scene.  This one is 11 x 14, and on a firm board, 8 ply archival mat board that was coated with 2 coats of gesso--then goldens fine pumice gel.   Made a great painting surface that was enjoyable to use and took watercolor very well.   I will put this away, work on others then take another look at this and see if these changes hold up.

I must say the days are getting so short!  And a lot cooler, we moved cows again today and shouldn't have to worry about them now for 2 weeks, then we move them to another pasture for the winter.  I hope to get out there and do some plein-air in between things!                   Hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving !

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