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Monday, November 23, 2009

limited palette study--fall

The weather in our valley has been in the 40's for daytime, and sometimes windy.  Not to cold, but I felt cold so didn't paint to much---began thinking about using a square format and making it work without becoming to static---and getting it to show "Hugeness"  This little ranch is on 14 acres along hwy 88 in the Carson Valley and belongs to cousins--noone living there now or since the late 8o's.  Plein-air painters have been seen lurking about painting this scene and I even saw the result of one in the Southwest Art Mag. by Kathleen Dunphy. This scene is painted looking south, hers was painting looking north.  I will try this is plein-air , and problay will do it in all seasons.  This one was from photos, and on Senniler Pastel card.
I will be out plein-air tommarrow and think I will try Oils!  So 'till then, happy painting!

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