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Monday, October 12, 2009

A little about the Chavez workshop in Hope Valley

 Lorenzo chavez gave an excellant workshop in Hope Valley Californa Oct 5 thru the 9th.  I was lucky enough to go. I believe the Sierra Pastel society was behind this, it was beautifully arranged.  The fall color hadn't quite made an appearance, and the weather did get a bit cold.  It snowed the weekend before. I live 20 min. from the workshop site area.  To start the workshop, Lorenzo had copies for everyone of a booklet he put together about the contruction of art, in plein-air. He gave a great lecture, with slides to point out what he ment--wonderful art by other artists as well---all about design. Maynard Dixon was refered to many times with his strong design in evidence. It was so cold outside that day, we did not mind the art talk and slide show. He explained the use of notans, and using the element of art for strong design.  In the late afternoon, we went outdoors to watch a demo.
This was the start of the demo, it finnished quite nicely, but I don't have that shot.

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