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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Leaving for one week for the Bill Cone Workshop

Finally the time has come!!!  I have been waiting so long it seems!!  Tommarrow I leave for a week,  that will be so odd as I haven't gone anywhere myself for sooooo long!!!!    I am going to the Sierra Buettes area in California to be at a workshop called "Pastel and the Natural light" which is taught by artist Bill Cone.   Bill Cone works for Pixar ,, and has been teaching this workshop for a long time.  His own work is amazing and is so full of light!  I really do hope to absorbe, learn , all I possibley can.  More after the workshop week, stay tuned!!

              Here is an example of Bill Cone's amazing pastel work:

Its so beautiful!!!    I am so looking forward to this!!!!   Later Folks!


  1. Ida, Bill is one of my favorite artists so I'm looking forward to your posts on this workshop! Have fun!

  2. When is this. This is so incredible. I hope you have a wonderful time and I look forward to your thoughts after the workshop. Love his work. He is one of my favorite artists as well.

  3. the way i love pics.. that is well painted i wish i could sit there and take a pic... love the rocky view.:)