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Saturday, July 16, 2011

9 a.m. on a great morning - - -

This is today's work, from Faith Valley off of hwy. 88 in California.   Its really a beautiful spot that I don't go see very much.  I met some ladies , one of which has a beautiful home on Blue Lakes road in Hope Valley, and we went looking for a place to spend the morning.   I used a Sienna colored pastlemat , 9 x 12, and after doing a thumbnail sketch in my notebook, I drew this onto the pastlemat, and then used alcohol to wash the d/L patten down.  The alcohol acted very strange on this support and I doubt I would use it again - -  --still, I was able to Finnish the painting.   I believe I put too much into the picture, even tho I used a viewfinder.  I do plan to return and distill this a bit more.    One of the other ladies had a wonderful painting - - -it was at least 16 x 20!!  And on Wallis Belgium mist dry mounted onto foam core.  She didn't say, but she used a chosen palette and really pulled if off wonderfully with color harmony throughout - -  -giving me plenty to think about.   I not only try to put everything into the painting that I see, but also try to use every color out there!!  More painting en plein-air will help me thru this. 


  1. morning calm that soothes... lovely painting.