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Monday, June 6, 2011

Where is Spring and summer?? worked inside for this - - - -

This is the result of a drawing I had done a while ago, of 4 calves in our corrall during a branding session.  They watched, and tried not to get separated, but eventually all calves were branded and given their shots.   This is large,  on a full sheet of blue canson.  I could almost envision this one before I even began - - -still, I found I had some trouble with the values, this  may have been because of the blue ground.   I chose it because it compliments the red-oranges in the calves, yet helping also the one black calf with his sunlight and shadows.     I placed them high on the horizon, sorta on their own in a big world.     I feel I learned quite a bit from this painting, and have so much more to try! 

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