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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weather is getting challenging a bit, so.....

Our long and beautiful fall weather has been  just wonderful this year, but alas all good things do end.   Now the wind is blowing a gale, trees are bending and the feeling of true fall is everywhere as leaves blow wildly around to get caught in fences and water troughs.     I have been thinking of the holidays, and tried to learn a new quilting technique that was fun, fast, and ended up well even  for me!!   This  one is a table runnner, but I can go on and make full sized quilts using this idea, also pillow covers, placemats, and other decorations  all fast and easy.  I am giving this To my fellas sister this year and hope she likes it.  The flower is a poinsettia, here it is closer.

In the past, I have enjoyed making quilts, but really didn't do them well.  Now I want to learn to do them much better - - - but would rather do my pastels!!!  So this will be  a challenge.   Here are a couple of older ones I did in the 80's.
This "Cat" one is a wall hanging that I never hung!!  
and this is another table runner for the holidays I also never used!  I must rectify this!      Anyhow, for this next spring I am planning a full sized quilt in violets and yellow and hope I actually make it.   There is thankfully so much to do!    Hope all of you are having a great fall, and into the holidays we go!


  1. Your work is beautiful, Ida. You need a lot of patience making a quilt...and you seem to have it. I started a quilt years ago and it turned out to be a pillow!! I just didn't have the patience to finish it. but I envy those who do.! I guess I'd rather do my pastels, as well.!

  2. Yes, you are right! Pasteling is way better, especially en plein-air! But I feel the urge now to make a queen sized quilt using the LTT pattern templates, which are easy - -still, its way over 100 blocks!