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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Last of the fall colors - - which were plenty this year!!!

Both mornings this weekend, I drove up to Hope Valley on hwy 88 in Ca. to see the changing leaves on the Aspen Trees.  This year it was a mild fall, with one early cold night and little storm -  - -then a long Indian Summer with the Fall leaves lasting with brilliant color thru it all.    People were everywhere, taking pictures I guess for their own projects - -  -maybe cards, maybe calendars - -who knows?  But they were out in droves with some the biggest cameras' I have ever seen.   I found a quiet spot at about *  A. M.  Where I spent the morning trying to compose a painting.  With so much brilliant color, and light I found I had a very hard time.   Just changing to mostly Yellows and golds proved difficult in showing 3 Planes for a landscape painting.   I need to be much more simple in my designs and think it thru first.  I did do some thumbnail sketches, and did spend at least an hour on a small painting,   It still needs work, and thought.   I then took pictures to play with during the cold winter months.  I will show you a few of these.   Maybe one day you will find yourself on Hwy 88, going thru Hope Valley in the fall!!

And the last one I will add is my effort for this A. M.---Its rather poor - - -but I do have time to try and improve on these fall trees.   It may be  a long winter, who knows?

This last one is my work - - -which needs some thought and improvement as far as compostion  goes.  It is still a lot of work to plan a simple comp - - sometimes you can find a natural comp, and thats wonderful if it says what you what it to  say.  If not, then you must be able to use the elements of design to get it painted in a way that feels right to you.  So, back to the drawing board!!   Still, it was  a lovely  way to spend sevearl hours!!


  1. This is beautiful and vibrant!

  2. What wonderful photo's. I am a bit sad that the show is almost over. I love your painting of the Aspen. It has a real sense of the day, I think it is just fine.

  3. You have beautiful paintings on your your last one with those wonderful fall colors!

  4. What a surprize to come to my blog today and see 3 coments from 3 very nice ladies! Thanks so much! I do hope you are all well and painting!

  5. Ida, I agree with Hilda (hmuxo), those colors are beautiful! I love having a chance to catch up on all the beautiful work you've been doing. It is like going to a show!!