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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Dayton Friend comes to paint in Carson Valley

This is Carole, painting away beside our hay stack which is a long row and you can see its shadow---it gave us some great shade, and protection from the wind last Sunday as we painted.    I was out to her area of Nevada  a few weeks ago, Dayton, so this time she came this way.   I really enjoyed seeing her part of the country and want  to go back again.  She was very interstested in painting the blooming rabbit brush while on this day I was more concerened with the distant mountains that are north of us, and toward Carson City.   They are plenty high, and have quite a bit of drama.  Maybe not as much as the Tetons, but plenty!   Glenna Hartman ( bless her), painted a very nice scene a few years ago, along this same range of mountains , just before Genoa, Nev.  that is just beautiful.  Todays try was on Canson, twilight in color, which is a great shade of purple that really is fun to use. Its 9 x 11, and the pastel does not fill the tooth, I could do more , but I think I will leave it simple.

It has the feeling of wide open spaces!  Those are getting few and far between , even in my world.  Have to enjoy them as we can.

Hope you are all out there painting!

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  1. sounds good.
    the painting is beautiful.
    really love this landscape.great work