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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Evening Plein - air work. . . catching those shadows and last light.

My recent plein-air, done last evening between 4:30 pm and 6 pm-----trying to catch those shadows as they come reaching down the mountainside every day, when the sun drops lower in the sky.   I was standing out in front of the ranch on Foothill road, with the cows, just watching and waiting.     The sun began to bounce off the roof of the neighbors old barn, and then off the farther trees to the north, and I had to look hard and fast as the light began to change fast before me.  It was fun, I have done this before but I think a little better this time.  I used 14 x 16  La Carte Sennilier pastel card, and washed in the shadows with Turps---When dry, I finished with pastel , trying to get the color of the light I was seeing.    I will try again on evening as it is a nice view, and fun to do.   
              I was told today of another artist website to check out, as he is a wonderful artist and his work  is just amazing.   so look for   and enjoy his amazing work.


  1. Hi Ida, another very nice painting. That workshop you attended really must have inspired you. I love the work you are doing.

  2. Thanks Donna--it was a great workshop----and you do get a different perspective when you see the excitemnent other artists seem to be filled with---B. Cone really loves art, and the light.

  3. I like the drama in this painting. The sense of space and incline are stated beautifully.