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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

about 8 a.m. today, until 10ish o'clock

This is the last barn that is here on this ranch, built in about 1850's, and was a stagestop/livery stable for seaveral years until the 1860's came around and my fella's great-great grandfather bought the place.  Yes, he is a 4th generation ranch owner still trying to raise beef cattle, and put up hay to feed those cattle.     I did the painting from the west side of the barn as the sun was coming up in the east - - -the sun was very bright this am. and I was really watching how it touches the tops of the trees, even tho they were againist the sun they were very light at the tops.  I had to move fast as the light was really changing as the sun climbed higher and higher.    I did not think I would enjoy this subject, it must of been me thinking it would be to difficult----but I think it went OK.     Its 11 x 14, on Uart mounted to foamcor, which is a great surface to use.  I did a value drawing right on the paper, washed that with turpionid, and when dry I tried to captured all the color I was seeing.   I was surprized at how much fun I had, as I don't do buildings so much. glad I have done this one as it is so old and so personable to me.


  1. Hi Ida! Beautiful. I think you took great leap forward with this painting. I love how you include the history of a place. Good trees and colors.

  2. Wow, Donna thanks!! From you, this means alot!!

  3. Wow Ida, this one looks great! I absolutely love the sky and the trees! Really well done!