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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another "workshop" watercolor done

It seems we have gone back to winter like weather for a few days!  As we were driving home from the Breast Cancer Ride we drove head-on into very strong winds. The  next few days were very unsettled so I got myself busy with finishing another of the drawings I had done for the watercolor workshop.  I had it stretched on a board and ready to go- -  -but had not done anything with it while at the workshop, so after letting it all settle in my mind I had a go with it.  I found I had retained a lot of what I had seen from the Demo's Jeannie Vodden had done for us, and even tho I don't "get it all" yet I felt comfortable enough to make decisions as I went----I think I have learned something after all. More painting needs to be done, of course, as this is not as good as it could be.  Interesting was the use of the very strong staining colors , in a triad, and put on together mingling on paper and not your palette.  I need much more practise at that!!  I had fun, and now have 2 down!!  I will be practising this weekly!

              Also, I want to post a plein-air I did a few weeks ago .  My Oil painter friend, Ray Freeman, who also loves plein-air ,  and I ,went into Markleeville one morning to practise for an up coming Plein-air event we both will be in this June.   Its put on by the Markleeville Art Gallery, whose Linc is in my list so please go there to read the rules and plans for the competition!   I do hope to get better before June 21 with buildings!! Measuring for accuracy while in Plein-air takes some practise!   This is the old hotel, now bar and restaurant.  This building is supposed to have been moved to this location from Silver City, which was a Silver mining town on Silver Mt. on hwy 4.   More to come, as I get ready for this event which lasts a week.


  1. So glad to see you are keeping up your watercolor painting! You are so good at that too! The cat painting is lovely with the dark darks and the cat lit by sun. Good for you that you are going to be part of the plein air event! It has been hard to get outside lately - like you said, winter came back to us for a while.

  2. Wonderful work with these two paintings!

  3. Thanks to both you ladies for your kind words!! I do appreaciate them.