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Sunday, May 15, 2011

something different, but for a great cause!

This past weekend I got the chance to do something different, but fun, and for a good cause.  My older sister, who lives in Yerington, Nevada belongs to a group that has put together a horseback ride event to raise money for families in their area that have been hit by the awful experience of Breast cancer, or just cancer.  Each year a ride is made, to create donations for this cause.   This year I, my younger sister and her granddaughter drove out to Yeryington to support  this effort.  There was a silent action, a raffle, and a potluck lunch planned.  They began the affair in the far cornor of a ranch out there which had an access to the open dessert.  Beautiful ride, with all the spring flowers out, and sandy terrain.  ( some rattlesnakes!)   But very OK.   Another thing they had was a prize for the pinkest outfit!!  Well, those folks take this seriously!  I  met two ladies traveling together who both rode mules.  One mule was white, another was a guess a pinto- - - - but I know all the white on both was painted bright PINK!!!   Yes, that made the white mule very PINK!. 


This mule belongs to Marsha Arthur, and it was her idea to paint the poor thing!  She was Very beautiful, tho.  I think her name , the mule, is Annie paint yor wagon.  These were very nice ladies.

Another nice thing that happened is that my older sister, Ardy, brought with her the quilt she had made for my younger sister, Leanna, and gave it to her.   I thought this was wonderful,she has made many quilts and this one is really beautiful.


  1. Wow, Ida! This is a special event! Quite memorable for you ladies! Cute pink mule! Love the beautiful quilt!

  2. Yes, it was a good thing for the area, it seems so recessed right now. We had fun, and I didn't get any pictures of the grandaughter! She is so cute at 14, and rides well. I love quilts, my older sister made me one, too, its not quilted yet, but soon!