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Friday, August 20, 2010

Plein-air again- with a friend!

A friend from Dayton , Nevada came out this past Wednesday to plein-air in Pastel with me. That is always so much fun.  She worked at painting the whole day, I could only go for the morning.  We drove out to Hope Valley to try and do the river.  A full on river scene is something I haven't felt confident enough to try.  There are plenty of opportunities around here so I knew that one day I would.  This was so difficult , and I hope to do many more after having worked thru this one.  Of course, the sun kept climbing and as it did, there would be more of the sky color reflected on the water. And the breezes would blow, making little ripples and changing things! Boy, what an experience tho and I can't wait for another try at it!
I have been painting upstairs in the old ranch house that is the main part of this ranch and where my fella grew up, and his father before him, and grandfather before that, both being born right here in it.  It is taking me a lot of time, prepping and painting and all, but so worth it.   Tomorrow is a day off for me tho, and I will hike and plein-air.  See you after that with what ever I am able to paint!
I also want to say, my friend from Dayton brought with her some wonderful pastel paper--Clairfontaine Pastelmat, and gave me a peice to use.  I had white, and I did a Nupastel value sketch of the scene I wanted to try, and washed it with alcohol--then did the colors I was seeing over that.  I cropped the sky out as the river was enough for me! and a fisherman walked down , which I make to look like a lady I think! Oh well. 


  1. Hi Ida,
    I am not sure if I answer the email that comes to my regular email that you get here is how I do trees. I do a base of a dark, dark blue and then lightly fix that so I get the next layer of color to "sit: on top of that dark and not blend much at all. Then go a mid green and lighter one for the highlight /that first green that I add - sometimes I want to blend that some, and you can. If I want some fall color added. I fix again, lightly and then use a gentle hand and the side of a pastel (good soft one like Schmincke or one with some grit in it like the terage' ones from Diane Townsend) and apply some of those fall colors. Makes it look like the out leaves and tips are turning color in the fall weather. We gotta get together sometime and paint!

  2. Gee whiz, Bonnie, thanks! I didn't expect you to come back so quickly! I will work on this method, and thanks again, so much! I do wish I could get to your area, and I think you should be doing workshops! I know they would fill! As always, I do love your blog, as do so many others!

  3. I agree that doing a moving river is hard! But you captured the active water over the rocks and how it shines brighter than the rest of the water sparkles. Keep doing more, and more rivers. You'll find out what works and what doesn't.

  4. Carolyn, Mabye you will go here along the river just off hwy 88 with Thalia! We went to this location remember?, with Lornzo---I just walked up it farther. I carry just 3 things (althought they get heavey!) My backpack, my Heilman box, and my 1/2 frnch easal. At the Chavez clinc, I had a mess and couldn't carry anything well!! I looked like a baglady!!

  5. Hi Ida, boy some great pointers from Bonnie. Thanks Bonnie. This painting looks so much better on here. I guess I was so wrapped up in mine, I hadn't really studied what you had done. Those rocks in the foreground really turned out good. Yes this river was a challenge, thanks for another great day!

  6. Hey Carol. Good to see ya here at my blog---when are you going to start yours?? I know, we both need new camera's! Seriously! Hope to see ya soon.