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Thursday, August 12, 2010

New plein-air on a cloudy morning.

I went out yesterday morning early with an oil painter friend .  He loves to paint en plein-air and does a wonderful job---I am lucky to be able to go along.  He wanted to go to a high mt. lake off the Monitor pass hee in our area, so off we went.  Both of us were disappointed today,, tho, as it was a cloudy morning and no bright sun light to cast any wonderful shadows.   Big clouds all thru the sky and us right under them.  We walked around the area, its a nice place---lots of possible paintings.   Have to admit tho, the flat light causes close values, and a lack of interest ---we choose to give it a try anyhow.   I feel it was worth the experience, although I had planned for a sunny day as they mostly are this time of year!!  I had a 9 x 12 sheet of canson on my board in a med. Pink color.  I like that sometimes.   I drew my planned comp-onto the paper with Nupastel #244 which is a purple, and washed it with alcohol.   When dry, I finnshied the painting with the colors of the day I was seeing.   Not to excited about the comp----but the method worked well.  I am glad I went  and can't wait for the next adventure!


  1. Even though it was a cloudy day for you, the foreground you painted looks like it was in light. I really like the pink paper showing through in the foreground and the sage colors you picked to go over it. Very warm and very eye catching!

  2. Goodness, thanks Carolyn. Ya just never know when you are out there. I was thinking compilmenary to tone down all the greens---and after awhile the sun began to come and go. Very good experiance for a beginner!