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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hike with my sister, and her grandaughter (and 6 dogs!)

This Saturday was sorta fun!  My sister and I planned a hike, a short one, on the same trail that My artist Friend from Reno and I had gone horseback on earlier this summer!  I wanted to share with my sister, who wanted to bring her grandaughter and we had a great time!  We carried backpacks, and took our dogs, plus my son's dog, and all together we had too many dogs!  They are well behaved, and we went early so didn't really run into to many other people.  We were home by 1 pm, so , even tho it was quite a walk, it was a Saturday when many others tend to sleep in, and do things late in the day.  It was windy, and just got windier!  In the A. M. tho, not as bad--the closer we got to the afternoon it got so windy, up to 45 mile an hour wind gusts.  Here are a few shots!
This is my sister, her dog in front, Kate, and her grandaughter with her dog at her side.  My sister carried a very full back-pack!  Too full.  And this is her crossing a log over a deep stream.   There was a lot of water in this area, and the lakes here are great.  I lost batterey in my camera after about 8 shots, so I can't show you the lakes!  Sorry!  I will go back and try again!   We got to a nice lake, where my artist friend from Reno and I went, and had our lunch.  The wind was getting wild and blowing across the little lake making ripples.  But there are lily's on the water with yellow flowers, and huge granite rocks around the lake. My friend, Carolyn, took this picture of me when we were there:It was a much quieter day as far as wind went!  And so beautiful.    After lunch, my sister and her grandaughter went for a short hike on the rocks, and I settled in to do a pastel.  I wasn't to sure of the outcome, so I did a sketch in my skecthbook, then choose a mid-grey canson, taped to my board and used my lap.  I sure did miss my easal, but we had a hard time carrying what we did manage to carry!  We are used to going horseback, truly, hiking is different for me.  But fun, I will do it again!  Anyhow, I drew in my comp. with that purple #244 nupastel and located the darks and shadows, then washed with alcolhol.  When dry, I used the local colors I was seeing over that.  I did n't get much for the water of the lake as the wind was blowing and making ripples and no reflections.  Every day is different, and I will be back to try another one.  Here is my effort of this day:


  1. Hey, that's a great painting! I love your rocks - they are just the right color too! It was fun to hear about your hike with family and dogs. Too bad for the wind. Every day sure is different - we got lucky when we went.

  2. Thanks Carolyn, and thanks again for the great day WE had when we were there. Not as many of the great wildflowers on this day, and very windy but cool enough us old ladies could carry our loads. Mine pack wasn't to bad. Painting was fun, but harder with people as you and I talked about. Still, I think I editied because I was uncomfortable yet determined, well enough to get what I liked about it. I really liked it all!!!!

  3. Great painting, Ida! As well as the stream painting on the previous post. All your dedication is paying off, your getting really good at plein air. I finally did some plein air last weekend (its only been 4 months!!) while on camping trip with my kids. Not to thrilled with the results, probably wont post on my blog, ha ha. But it was fun.