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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tuesday, June 9th's try

Well -  -- Here is the last oil painting I have tried to do.  I am still not using any black, and and a split complimentary palette.  I did use Transparent Yellow oxide to tone the canvas and leave a nice yellow glow under the sky and ground planes.  So many thing s to try - - -and to remember!  This was about 9 am until 11 am on a grey cloudy-skied Tuesday.   A few of the Ladies from Reno came out this morning to paint also.  They were down by the orchard, and close to the road, I was in the brush to learn brush colors - -how to get paint off my brush - -and to keep my dog safe.  She spent the time hunting squirrels!!!    The comp. on this isn't to great - -- just getting the colors for the time of day was enough for me this time I guess.  I sure miss judged the middle range of hills, with that spot of green!!  Well, it did help to get out there.    Happy painting!

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