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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Would you like to see My latest Oil Plein-air?

I will just do this quickly--I got to go out one afternoon with Oil painter, Ray Freeman just before our most recent snow.  It was a sunny PM, and we just went up above the ranch, under the trees and in the sagebrush.  As usual, I had  a hard time settleing on a subject to paint, but then, the subject is always the light---So, I looked at the afternoon light.  Ray was also impresssed by the late PM sun-rays.  This is what I came up with.     I did paint on a small 9 x12 canvas board by Blick--with a raw sienna toned gesso over it.  I like that very much, and the paint didn't soak in as fast.  Now I have 3 attempts!  and am very into do more.  Today I got a goose-down set of bib-coveralls for cold days!  Imagine.  A cousin passed them on, and tho they are very large, they should work. 
              Snow expected again tommorrow so I will do some drawing and pastles in doors.  ' till next time!!!


  1. This turned out great, Ida! Glad to see your out braving the cold.

  2. Ida, this is beautiful. So glad you contacted me, I enjoyed viewing your blog very much. Love the paintings of dogs, cats, horses and your ranch. Keep in touch - maybe this year we can get together to plein air paint. Remember my horse is in Washoe Valley, so it's not much further to your neck of the woods. Carolyn