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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Last weeks Oil plein-air work-----was work!

So,   After a few more storms this year, and for him , a coupla shows,  My friend Ray set us up to go plein-air in Oils  one fine morning.   I met him at the old desserted chicken ranch that belongs to my fella's cousin.   We had permission to go out into the fields around this property to find a compostion for painting, it was a nice day. We set up near one another, so I could learn more about using Oils , which is new to me.  I felt set to go, as I had a new back-pack with my painting stuff inside and a new 1/2 french easel to break in.....or break, which ever comes first!!  This one is from Daniel Smith catalog and I hope it holds up. It was a flat- light grey day, the sky being quite silver looking----here is what I did for this endevor, my 4th plein-air in Oils.       Then the very next day, my Pastel friend from Dayton, Nevada drove over to spend the day plein-air -ing with pastles!  What could be better?   We walked up behind the ranch here in Carson Valley and found a place that had both snow and trees.  She wanted the snow, and I just wanted to figure out How to paint some of the nice trees along the path where I walk , with the pets and have spent a lot of time.  Don't believe this is quite what I want---but its a start!!!!     I used a pink Canson paper as I felt it went well with the greens of both the tree and the sage........My comp.  needs work, paths aren't my thing I guess!!!   And even tho it was sunny---I got so cold doing this!   About 2 hours of time.      So   we went down to the house for Lunch-----and to decide what to do for the pm.    My friend had some Pastle Mat------we had never used it before.   We pulled up a photo on a lap-top and composed from it.   It was to cold to go back outside!! (really)     And this is what  I did---its a scene right in the back yard, but I left out the Mt. range back there.

Pastel Mat is an amazing surface to use---This was a medium grey----I just don't know how it takes the pastle, but it goes on like paint!   Great Fun.  ( I think "pastelmat" is one word?)

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