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Friday, November 12, 2010

New interests for now...

I have been pasteling, but not to rapidly.  Its colder now, daytime highs are at about 50 at our elevation, and in the 40's in Hope Valley or higher.  We have gathered 2 bunches of cattle, and sent one truck to sale.   We have a lot more to go, but no one seems to worried about things.   Thanksgiving is coming, and we have had 1 inch of snow here on the valley floor already, melted fast, but still, that means going up and over Carson Pass on Hwy 88 won't be simple if more storms come in, and I want to go to Sutter creek for Thanksgiving!  We'll see.   In the meanwhile, I have sewn a baby quilt for a young lady who is having her first.  She is out of college, and working at the Equine Clinic locally. She really is very accomplished, and can A. I.  horses or cattle. She is doing just what she wants, and now her first child.  This is my gift to her.
I made it small, the infant size, because its been years and years since I have made one.  Feeling pretty good about that, I also made Taffeta shades for the old home on Foothill!!  Good grief!    Sewing is fun, but not as much fun as drawing or painting.  I will get back into that soon.  I just feel a bit out of step for now, but the light in this cooler air has been amazing----watching the shadows each afternoon come down the mt. behind here , well, If I could paint it I would show you! The mountain is at about 7000 plus, with Lake Tahoe up at the top somewhere, and the tahoe valley at south shore.  Its a good place to live!   Hope you are all painting, and thanks for the comments about the show.


  1. This is a beautiful quilt Ida! She will be very happy! Hope you get to pastel painting soon!

  2. Thanks Carolyn, How was the Palm dessert? Hope you had a great time, your posts were very interesting! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.