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Saturday, November 27, 2010

November thoughts

  November has been a slower month for me with my art.   We have had many storms, and wind.  Now its snowing again, but softly this time.  Still thinking about skies, and mainly how to show vastness----quietness---and Maybe flatness at times.   I had created a surface to try, using illustration  board, and grit pumice with white gesso.   Its very gritty,  to me it was very interesting in appearance, and I had to try it.   After painting the whole of it with pink graduated watercolor, darker to lighter  I tried this skyscape.  Its a field in the center of the valley, with the river running behind it in those trees, and one cottonwood tree in the field.   I will try this in a different format I am thinking.  I do like the pink for the underpainting for bright skies.  Underpaintings are one thing I am exploring  right now while the weather stops me from Plein-air work.

1 comment:

  1. Nicely done! The pink underpainting for skies makes sense. I like the effect of the grittyness of the surface as well.

    Nice quilt too!