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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

drawing and thinking thru these days between Holidays

With lots of ideas swerling thru my head, and such wonderful bright light these days I have been very hard put to take any one idea thru to the end!    We have had snow, wind and rain so far, along with some minor earth quakes this year.  I have been hiking in the brush and seeing huge deer---bucks with good antler spreads and very large does.   What is hard to believe is the green grass that was under the snow that melted this week!    Thats good for the cattle, but a surprize for me.
  I worked on this drawing this week, its from a photo from the W.C. library .  I will never see an actual tiger so much thanks to the photographer.  My goal was to practise sizing up images with out ever useing any mechanical means----and to practise my eye to hand cordination, get the values,  and learn better strokes with pencil.   Besides, I like to draw anyhow.   I may do this with pastel, maybe on suede mat board----or maybe in watercolor.   Still thinking about that!        I would like to learn how to photograph things better that are in pencil with my digital, tho.


  1. I like your drawing a lot. So many times I see perfectly photographically-like pastel paintings that might as well be a photograph. Your drawing looks artistic! A hint of abstract, and slightly chinese-art. There is artistic mood to this. Glad you are keeping up the art in the busy holidy time. We have to do that!

  2. Well, I guess thats because I am a little lazy--I want to do better pencil strokes, but then I begin to think in color and use my pencil on its side for the values, getting in a hurry. You should see Clive Meridith's blog--He is a penicl artist from the UK, and is amazing. Thanks for your comments! Happy Holidays.