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Friday, December 17, 2010

Webinar by Johannes Vloothuis

I know its been awhile since I have posted a paintingI do plan to get back to it really soon!   Its snowing today, and will all week we are told- - - Then I will get out and try some snow paintings!   Christmas is next week and I have been doing a lot of baking and candy making----next its house cleaning, and getting ready for family.   I have ordered a new set of 120 Unison Pastels, 1/2 sticks for my self!!!    I couldn't afford a set of the full sticks, and Unison is one of the better pastels made.  I still like them all, for different reasons, they are all beautiful.
                   WetCanvas has been participating in a unique thing in the Landscape forums.  Artist Johannes Vloothuis from Hamilton, Ontario Canada has been holding a Webinar thru the , its been Fabulous!    You go on WC, go to the Landscape forum and look for the thread in Talk.   You sign up, and watch each day at 2 pm----Its like being right there with him!  He lectures on landscape painting and how to use the principles and elements of art----shows examples, shows work done by professionals and even critiques art work by us normal people!   He did one of mine a few nights ago, right on the webinar, a small plein-air I did this past spring.   All in all, its a brilliant thing he is doing, and it will end Dec. 22nd.    For now it is free,  which is great.  but when F & W Media picks him up, and they will- - - most likely we will pay a small fee.  Really, at this point, don't know how it will work out.
 A very Merry Christmas to all!


  1. Hi Ida! So you are getting snow too! Looking forward to seeing one of your snow scenes. The webinar sounds neat! Don't think I can commit to a certain time like that right now! We have company coming Sunday. Gotta get ready!

  2. I have been to every webinar so far, as well as his painting demos. I may be divorced soon, I've spent more time on computer than with her! Johannes has been a gold mine of information, thats for sure. I really needed that kind of instruction. Looking forward to your next paintings, Ida.

  3. Hey Ron, I have been watching too---I admit I's rather be outside tho, good thing its cold now! Saw you on the pastel demo chat, wasn't that fun?