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Monday, January 3, 2011

Finally!---Some new thoughts to post!

Happy New year all!    I finally have both the time and the thoughts to make a posting over.  With the rush of the Holidays , all the cooking and family and friends, weather and all those animals to care for, its almost impossible to find time even just to think!  I had begun a pastel, just before Christmas, in the planning stage and was searching for a way to paint it, when this webinar thing came available, so I spent a lot of time watching, listening and thinking over that. My painting just waited, then I went ahead and did a value drawing right on the board I planned to use.  Its a 8 ply-Matt board that is archival, I really like it, but this time I may have put too much grit on it in the preparation for pastel.  Still trying to find just the right tooth and feel. I do have marble dust as well, and for some things, its a bit better to use.  This one has almost pure pumice and PVA glue, very gritty!  I wanted to paint a lot fall , just before winter scene and found one right along the West Carson River on a very sunny day.  All the brush was bare, as were the young Cotton woods, the sky reflecting in the water, and sun hitting the rocks.   So, after getting the value drawing done with a #244 Nupastel, which is purple, then washing the darks in, I began just a little each night for several weeks!   Not how I wanted to do it, but with all the company---the cooking and work, well I do feel I learned a bit over this one!   But its not what I wanted, just an idea.

I feel that the Nupastel #244 must have a lot of black in it, as that is what mainly remains after washing over it --sometimes that's good, these trees do have that, but I may go over again with lighter colors on the bark.  I tried to get a reasonable amount of depth in this----all in all, it really makes me think---and I will try again one day.
Johannes Vloothuis webinar was both interesting, fun, and very informative.  'also, yesterday he did on his Justine TV account, a demo in Pastel that all of us could watch.  It was on at 12 noon our Mt. time, and folks from all over were watching.  Even Charlie(Colorix) off of WC, who lives in Sweden!  He had it fixed so we could also chat as we watched with one another which was a load of fun.  Although our thoughts should of been on his teachings!  I do feel we paid attention, tho.   His work was on Canson Mi Tientes, and a winter snow scene that finished well.    It was very interesting.  He wants to teach this way, his site is the place to go for more information.  Also, Wetcanvas has a huge thread in the landscape forum thats is well worth checking out, about the webinar and his future plans for teaching.
So now I plan to start my tiger soon, do some plein-air and more drawing in the studio.    Happy New year to all,   and make your plans Happen!!!


  1. I like this. You did a great job considering it was done in bits and pieces. I know how hard it is to do art during the holidays!

  2. Thanks! It did make me think more, so I will try something of this sort again!

  3. This is really nice, Ida. Has your signature "style" and colors. Good to see ya back to painting. Was good to "talk" with you during Johannes webcam demo the other day.

  4. Thanks Ron!! I am drawing again now---want to do some western stuff--and plein-air this friday with NVcricket from WC! Cold but fun!!!

  5. Hi Ida, Really like your painting. Hope the new year is good to you! I moved my blog to wordpress. It's Hope you will continue to follow. I have taken a bunch of photos for reference for some snow paintings. should be fun! Working on small works 6x6 to 9x12. would h ave liked to have seen the Webinars...those should be have been great! Look forward to hearing from you...Happy New Year!