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Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow days, and indoor work again.

Where's the Hay???

This year, winter began in November here, with snow storms and very low temperatures.  Then January comes along with nice warm days, and no moisture for 6 weeks!   The middle of February comes around and we have snow everywhere, cold days and nights and cranky cows!   New calves in the snow, and the feed truck is carrying several hundred pounds more of hay each day.

Mr. Big Stuff

Thankfully I do have time to draw, and work up some things from my own photos.  This rooster is a Mexican Fighting chicken, except he doesn't fight!   He has a whole harum of hens and is quite happy.  These chickens are so colorful, and fun to have around.  I took a lot of pic's of them on my son's patio, and have been drawing them and putting them in different arrangements.  I plan to do a lot more, both in watercolor and in pastel.  This one is large- - - - -I don't know why.  The next ones may not be.  Its on Canson paper, and is 25 x 19 or so.     It took a few days to do, I was trying to use an abstract shadow pattern,  more experimetation is needed!


  1. Great job! Love the rooster. I haven't tried feathers in pastel yet. I'm glad you are finding time to do some art. This weather is quite weird. My horse started shedding in January and now has stopped. I'm sure the animals don't know what to do.

  2. Hey Carolyn! Great to have you stop by! I have plans to do these chickens in watercolor, but couldn't resist one in pastel- - now I have others in mind. Funny how that works! Our elevation is about 5400, so my hosrses have kept all their hair so far!! Its been cold.

  3. Love the painting of the Rooster. Love hearing about hauling hay. We had snow last night and more on the way up here. The end of February and the first of March is always so interesting weather wise, a little bit of everything!

  4. Ida, Thanks for the visit on my Blog. I love the simpliciy of this snow scene. Very nice!