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Friday, March 4, 2011

Just today,

Just finished this today, this morning - - - and am in the mode where you let it rest while you ponder if there are problems, and what they are.    I did plan this to be painted on black, while trying to use the black to show how rich his feathers are in the sun.     The candy corn idea came to me while making my thumbnails for the space in which black would occupy.     I used an all-media artboard, in black for this, but I painted it with acrylic black paint mixed with acrylic matt medium and pumice powder.   I was afraid the black of the board would fade with time, so painting it with the black acrylic paint might help that  (for lightfastness issues)       It also hepled the colors to glow much brighter than expected, and with shapping form.       I now have many drawings of this rooster in different poses, and am planning to use them for a watercolor workshop coming up in May.    Just could not resist trying them in pastel!!!!     The lady giving the watercolor class has a website , you can view her work at        She is a bit different and colorful.   It should be fun!


  1. Wow, you really achieved great vibrancy and texture in this, Ida! I love the idea of the candy corn, too. Very nice. I hope you'll enjoy your class.