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Monday, March 14, 2011

Winter shadows and sunlight

This was finished just today, inside from a few photo's I took last November, 2010-  Its  on the ranch on Foothill Road, as you go up the hillside.  We have the rabbit Brush which each year blooms pretty loudly!   In 'o9 it was blooming pretty wildly    when Lorenzo Chavez had his workshop in Hope Valley, and actually painted one day here at the ranch because it was so cold in Hope Valley that fall.    This time, tho, there was snow on the ground, and as the sun was going behind the mountain long shadows were forming.   Interesting color and design I thought- - -  -so I painted them for you!

This is 11 x 14 Sennelier Pastel Card, in a warm sand color- -  -using turpinoid for a underpainting.


  1. Beautiful job! Love your trees and their shapes in the background. Love your rabbit brush and their shadows! Your darks & lights and warms and cools are in a stunning pattern. Hold onto your hat today! Supposed to be very windy. I'm painting inside today.

  2. Thanks Carolyn - - - you are right about the wind!!! At least there is some sun poking out in places. I am just thinking today- - and thats work!