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Monday, March 21, 2011

winter is back! so......inside work!

What are you looking at????

Today was a windy day, although not to cold.  I had been thinking about getting back to the chickens I have been working on  so......   I stretched a sheet of Canson MiTientes pastel paper, in a medium color- - - - Sand - - -and put a smaller drawing of the rooster on it.  I had wanted to try a Gouache painting, and thought this was a good subject for that.    I decided a looser background would work best, that would allow me to put the rooster in more detail - -  -although not a lot of detail.     And I wanted to include his shadow,  and I really wanted to see how it would all look on the MiTientes paper.   I have done this once before and really enjoyed it.   Sometimes I just want to paint!!    Although pastel is truly my favorite medium.     I still plan to attend the watercolor workshop I mentioned in an earlier post.    AND  guess what????  I am going to a Bill Cone workshop in Sierra City, Ca  later this year.   I love his work--_he is amazing to say the very least!!!  His  "Pastel and natural light "   workshop promises to be a wonderful thing!!!    To see his work,   try  or google his name.


  1. I love this! The rooster is wonderful. I love your loose background and shadow as well. Great work Ida!

  2. Hi Ida,
    I love this theme of paintings you are doing. God must have been in a quirky mood when he created the rooster. This is a real strutter, you've captured his attitude. I love the shadow and how you did the top of his head in that. It looks as if you Carolyn and I are all going to be inside all week. Well, we need this rain.