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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Plein air again, wonderful day spent outdoors

Mt. Raymond from the Alpine county Museum parking lot
This is the result of yesterdays Plein-air painting day  in Alpine County.   My painting friend from Dayton, ( whom I became friends from the Wetcanvas website)  drove over for a plein-air day.  It was  a great day of catching up, discussing art and artists, and painting!!    I used a wonderful grey 9 x 12 pastelmat, a great surface for anything.  I had gotten a full sheet, and cut for the both of us a 9 x 12.  Now I have to admit, My friend spent the time needed to do her thumbnails, and planning.   I did jump into  it, and was lucky that it turned out this well!!   I actually did a notan right on the pastelmat in a dark # 244 Nupastel, and painted over that.  I did have a bit of idea where I was going, and I hope it works for you the viewer as well.    It was very sunny, but breezy.  My 1/2 Jullian easel works so well , and today I used my new aluminum pastel-box, ( that was actually bought at a Big 5 store and held gun-cleaning supplies, is sturdy and lite to carry.)    It worked great, and was bungee-ed down to my eseal.

I  encourage all my followers to go to the Wet Canvas site to see all the art there, and also to learn and ask all the questions they want.  The information there is just amazing. 


  1. Lovely painting Ida! You really know how to do the different angles in the mountainside. I still find that hard to do.

  2. Carolyn, you are very nice with your coment! I wnt to do this again until I get what I want! I love plein-air!