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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Windy morning...Last pastel chicken for awhile!!

snack time
Finished this today, a fine thing to do on a very windy day.  I do admit I am a bit tired of chickens, tho.   I wanted to try again, using Canson Paper, moonstone in color.   This rooster is so very colorful!   His hens are quite a bit smaller, very tuff, and he takes good care of them, always showing them whats for dinner first.   I love listening to how they talk to one another while they hunt for things on the ground.  Soon there will be little chicks following them around!  That is, if spring ever comes.


  1. I like your chickens, Ida. Both the pastel and gouche piece. Your upcoming workshops sound like great fun.

  2. Beautifully done! love the colors...

  3. Thanks so much, both of you! Nice of you to stop in and see whats up on my blog, I think everyone enjoys chickens!! ( or is that chicken soup?) They are fun to watch and to have around, they sure hate windy days!!