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Friday, April 8, 2011

New work, just finished today

As I said on my last post, I have been working on a new project.  Today, after finishing my first attempt at this, I have decided to do another one , with a horizontal format- -  -and on a grey-day.  Today I found even tho I had gone and done a Plein-air one morning that I had problems with how to Finnish!   I know trees are not as easy as they seem, and I wonder why??  I have read so much on this, Carlson. Payne, Purcell. Garcia,  and I just love Darcie Peet's landscape paintings!!  She doesn't have any problems with her trees!  Just wonderful work on her web-site, she is one of the best.   Aspevig work is supreme, they make it look so easy and wonderful.   My plein-air was for "fact-finding"- - - color, space. and feeling.   I didn't get it exactly right, but I will show you how it turned out.
The peak is way more dramatic , I drew it a bit more rounded than It is.  I believe the wind was kicking up---and I was more concerned on where it all sat in space.   Its really an unfinished little 9 x 12 on pastelmat , but I think it helped me alot.   So here is where I am today - - -  - - with another version already on my mind.
I am sorta pleased - - - but not quite.   It was fun to do,  I did use the grey pastelbord, 16 x 20----very nice to work on, with a cobalt blue underpainting.    I think I would call it:  Spring in the Sierra.----but that's a bit corny!   Now I am excited to do the next one!    I got an email from the lady who asked me to do it, she invited me to a luncheon meeting with the Garden Club ladies that are giving this painting  as a gift- - - and says to bring it!  Good Grief!   I sure hope the next one is better!!!!!


  1. Ida, these are beautiful! The study is a very nice plein air. Your larger piece is a great format and I like the peak off center in this one. The meadow is inviting and I think your trees are great!

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  3. Because I can't spell well! What I said was, thanks so much for the nice comment- - -if these look like trees to you, Carolyn, then I feel a bit better. I will set this aside for awhile now while I try another of this peak.

  4. Nice work, Ida! Your trees look fine by me. Horizontal format would be best, IMHO. Gives more feeling of "space" and expanse of land. Looking forward to seeing how your next version turns out.