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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thinking- - -

This is a photo I took today while out trying to paint this en plein-air.   I did manage a 9 x 12 painting----- and do feel it will help me as I try to plan for a much larger piece.   Problems arise, and questions need to be answered however.   I plan to paint a version of this about 16 x 20 on a Ampersand grey pastel bord have spent  about 2 hours this morning looking, and painting and seeing it for today's light.  The wind came up, supposed to really blow today, but I got picked up easily.  I am wanting to show its size- - - - and where it sits in our Alpine County landscape.  I needed to know for myself!   You see, this is a piece that a local group wants painted to give as a wedding gift for a young woman who grew up here, but now lives in The San Fransisco area, and is getting married soon.   Nice Idea, I know- - - now if I can manage it!    I have been up here several times to get a feel for it, taken photos' and done drawings in pencil and charcoal.    I have seen it on cloudy days and sunny days, in snow, and with spring trying to show itself.   I am amazed at how large these bluffs are!!   This sits very near Raymond Peak, which is a little over 10 thousand feet- - -I am sure this is very close , and its known as Thornburg Peak for a well know family with roots going back to the 1800's, and the lady who is marring is from this family.   No pressure here!!
Another thing I was thinking is:   Remember those Webinar things I spoke about in December?  The artist from Canada, Vloothuis, was giving amazing lectures, or talks about art thru the program, GoTo  now he Has been doing them , a full course, so to speak, thru the WetCanvas website.  Its with the F&W media group that puts out the Artist Magazine, and Southwest Art.  Lessons are now available for download for a small fee.  You need to go to WetCanvasLive to be able to partisipate.  I have been re-studying the handouts he has given about Mountains to see if they will help me with this new project of mine!!  I need help , and its in the thinking stage, the thumbnail stage, and value-map stages that any help will work.Later!



  1. Challenging project. And you have already put a lot of work into it. It will be great, I'm sure. Be sure to post the finished piece.

  2. Good luck with this. Your studies of it will help I am sure.

  3. Thanks you two!!! I have finnsihed one, done with a sunny day , and vericle format- - - and now am working on a grey day horezontal format. We'll see how that works!!!